Emotional Ecommerce – When Customers Don’t ‘Feel’ like Buying

  What do you do when customers land on your website but do not buy? You have tried various things such as — slashing off the price, offer more discounts, improving search & checkout [...]

Shipping Lessons for E-commerce Fashion Startups – Interview with Rob Martinez from Shipware LLC

Every Start-up Online Retailer has to deal with this. An otherwise amazing seller with a brilliant range of products gets its first few orders from its newly launched website. The shipment boxes [...]

How to Post on Facebook – The Fashion Retailer’s Guide to Facebook Marketing

I am one of the 22M ZARA  fans  (22,747,034 at the time when I am publishing this post). With more than 2000 stores worldwide, brand value over $9.4 billion as on November 2013, Zara is known for [...]