Acquire Marketing Skills to Grow your Fashion Label. Create your Brand's Strategy. Get Feedback and 1-on-1 Support . 

Accelerator & Online Digital Marketing Course for Fashion Start-ups and Professionals seeking Career in Fashion

Think you or your team lack necessary marketing skills to grow your fashion label? We can help. ILoveFashionRetail offers digital marketing training and support to help you market your brand online. Learn how to create a winning marketing strategy for your brand and use channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google to acquire customers and grow your sales. Also, learn how to position your brand in an ultra-competitive market, communicate with your customers and offer shopping compelling experience to make your customers buy.  

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What you will learn? 

  •  Brand communication - How to differentiate and communicate your brand to your target audience?
  • Content marketing - How to use content to build excitement and buzz around your brand?
  • Shopping experience design - Learn how customers buy fashion on mobile & desktop. Master the sales principles to sell shoes, jewelry, apparel & beauty products online.
  • Instagram marketing - Learn how to use Instagram to acquire customers?
  • Influencers marketing - Learn how to work with Influencers starting with a shoe string budget
  • SEO - Learn how to drive free traffic & sales from Google 
  • Blogging - Learn how to ride news trends and use Fashion blogging to drive traffic
  • Offline marketing - Master offline store promotion to bring more footfall into your store

and more...  

Personal Feedback & Coaching

Monthly feedback calls from industry insiders, designed to give you the clarity and direction you are looking for. In addition, you will have access to 1-on-1 coaching to help you take your next steps, and hone the mindset you need to achieve your marketing goals. 

Who is it for?

  • Owners of Online Fashion Startups looking to acquire skills to grow their business
  • Professionals seeking to develop their digital skill set to further their Fashion careers 
  • Students who want to strengthen their academic education with an industry-specific course and real life examples.  

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  • On-demand, expert-led video course  
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  • Certification of completion for Professionals seeking job opportunities in Fashion


We will tell you - how you can directly sell to your target customers at higher gross margins, without fixed retail costs and above all – low customer acquisition cost. We will teach you how you can be the 'tech savvy - non-technical' and understand how to leverage latest technology platforms, especially social media to create an effective marketing & distribution channel. You will learn how you can sell more than just clothes, but a compelling brand experience. 

Your Tutor - Pulkit Rastogi 

Pulkit Rastogi is a Global Ecommerce & Marketing Consultant, with experience of more than 12 years working with hundreds of fashion labels. Pulkit’s area of expertise is to help Fashion businesses grow through digital marketing and technology. Pulkit's essays on Fashion, Ecommerce and Marketing are featured by FIT, Missouri State University, Forbes, Moz, Bloomsberry, Big Commerce and more.


What some of our alumni say

Jules Kim, Jewelry Designer -

ILoveFashionRetail's resources are omething I've passed to my staff at a new women's fashion apparel brand. I like us to remember their training materiel like a song I play on rewind. I've began working with and I bug my team to consume ILFR's study matrial every darn day. I learned so much, the way the material is laid out - it's so easy to consume. This program has opened my eyes to so much more than what I've gotten from all the material throughout the years in a more compelling way. I'd consider Pulkit the Fashion version of Gary Vaunerchuk but with a subtle and heart felt approach.  

Andre McKay 


Pulkit gave me concrete information on how to refine my online branding and marketing strategy. Most of the other programs I looked in to were giving out generic advice, but Ecommerce Academy was full of steps that broke down the process for me. I would definitely recommend this to other fashion entrepreneurs who are struggling to get off the ground.  

Antonio Da Motta

Luna has helped me tremendously. Before I took the course I spent most of my time obsessing over the perfect Instagram photos. I wasn’t thinking about sales funnels or what to offer in order to get customers to opt-in. Now, I have a marketing strategy set up and I’m on track to double my sales this year.  

Darin Hager, Founder of Heyday Footwear