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How to use Facebook ads to generate sales for your eCommerce store


Why should I use Facebook ads for my ecommerce site? If we had to answer this question in the most concise way possible, the answer would be ‘specific Ad targeting’. You see, Facebook has been sneakily collecting a lot of exclusive information about your customer’s tastes and preferences since its inception. Unintentionally ofcourse!! wink wink 😉 Your customer’s not so intimate information like age, location, education, gender and the intimate information like relationship status, life events and interests are all on Facebook.

Thus, we are giving you the 3 main reasons why Facebook ads should be a part of your Fashion eCommerce Marketing strategy:

  1. The sheer number of Facebook members alone is a big reason. 1.4 active users are enough to make any marketer drool. Surely not all are your brand’s potential customers but there is a high chance of finding them on Facebook.
  2. Your potential customers are already active and engaged on Facebook. They choose to connect with friends, family and businesses that matter to them and resonate with them. Thus you will surely meet people who love your business.
  3. It is not just about finding the right customer for your brand, you can accomplish real business goals through the ads. You can choose your advertising budget, choose your audiences, add shoppable links/call to actions and track performance and success of your ads.

Now if you are convinced, apply this step by step process to create compelling Facebook ads for your eCommerce store.

  • What is the objective of your Facebook ad?

Conversion: If it is an increase in the conversion rate on your eCommerce store that you are looking for, then you can pay for each order confirmation on your website.
Page likes: Many consider likes as a vanity metric which don’t count, but you have to agree we all have weighed a brands credibility by the number of likes it has on Facebook. Many brands pay to increase the number of likes.
Local marketing: Pay to create awareness about your products to local customers.
Page clicks: Pay if a customer clicks on an ad and visits on your ecommerce website.
Mobile app downloads: Pay for each time a customer downloads your brand’s mobile app. You can make your ads more targeted if you want to aim for specific interactions and engagements with your app.
Offers and discounts: Promoting ads special offers and deals is a perfect way to utilize Facebook ads.
Special events: If you are just starting out with Facebook ads, you can invest in Facebook ads during the festive season like Christmas or Thanksgiving.
Video views: You can also pay to increase the number of views of your brand’s videos.

  •  Where would you like to place your ad?


You can choose where your ad will appear on the news feeds of your potential customers. The news feed may be a more profitable options than the side bar ads, as the ad appears blended with stories of friends and family and may not appear very promotional and pushy. When choosing between mobile or desktop ads, you might be interested to know that

  • Ads on desktop get a 2.5X greater reach in comparision to mobile.
  • The click through rate is 3X greater on mobile Facebook ads.
  • Mobile also has a 1.5X greater actions to reach ratio.

Thus if you are looking to increase the reach and brand awareness of your eCommerce brand, you should opt for desktop ads. If engagement and mobile app downloads is your main business objective at the moment, you might want to consider mobile ads.

  •  Choose who you want to target with your Facebook ads:

Custom audience: If you already have a database of people you would like to target through your Facebook ads, you can simply create and upload a list of the email addresses or phone numbers in a ‘.csv’ or ‘.txt’ file format.

Look-alike audience: Facebook has also provided you with an advert creation tool which lets you target your potential customers based on age, gender, location, interests, behaviors and connections. The easiest and possibly the most high yielding option may be through their shared interests. Provide the advert creation tool with an interest that represents your target audience. Suppose you are trying to sell prom dresses, when you type an interest like teenage dance classes, you will be given the page likes of parallel interests that your target audience may be interested in, like teenagers who love country music or DIY hobbies or Taylor swift fan clubs. Thus you can target your ads towards teenagers more specifically based on their lifestyle, hobbies and celebrities they love.

  •  Now let us learn a little about brands that found success through Facebook ads through different types of Facebook ads:

If you want to launch a new collection or display multiple products placed in one ad you can do what St Frock did. The following Facebook ad by St Frock just goes to show that you don’t need to complicate it too much. Just a cleverly thought out caption and some beautiful product images are enough to win new customers.


One of the best ways to succeed on Facebook is by creating a community. You can build a community by giving your customers fashion and beauty tips like Sephora India did. They attracted tons of new followers and customers by giving adding value to their shopping experience.


Your turn. There are many different types of Facebook ads like video ads, carousel image ads, mobile ads and website link ads, but that may be a topic we can perhaps discuss in another article. Tell us how you have used Facebook ads, what did you like about them and what you didn’t?

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