What we’re working on next? A Conversion Rate Optimized Woocommerce Theme for Fashion Start-ups

First, a frame of reference

This is an extension of one of the articles I wrote about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) during my employment tenure at Cueblocks and the other one that I wrote about ‘How to build a great Online Fashion Brand?’

Both these articles have been widely followed in the industry by many e-commerce retailers to improve their website’s conversion rate and build a sustainable online fashion brand.

Because of these articles, I got the opportunity to work on multiple client projects to help them improve their store’s conversion rate. So from all my research and experience working on these conversion rate optimization projects, I have a pretty long list of things that Online Fashion Retailers can do to improve their conversion rate and also build a great online fashion brand.

For me, the most challenging part of all these projects has not been – doing analysis and giving recommendations, but to implement the CRO & Branding action items to client website.


Conversion Rate Optimized Woocommerce theme for Fashion Start-ups?

The time has come that we make it happen. We’re going to launch a CRO ready Woocommerce theme for Online Fashion Start-ups soon.

By CRO ready, we mean that it will have all the best case practices of e-commerce conversion rate optimization ‘built-in’ so that you don’t have to pay extra to hire a conversion rate expert. Just install the theme and you no longer have to worry about your store’s conversion rate. You can focus on real things, such as designing great products, building content and driving traffic. The theme will take care of the rest.

Community Building

Apart from CRO, the theme will be focussed on content integration  & community building. It will help you engage with your customers and generate user generated content. With this theme, you will have the solid foundation to build an engaging community of people who love your brand and want to be a part of it.

Why Woocommerce?

Most of our readers & clients are Fashion start-ups with small to medium size inventory and woocommerce in our experience is best suitable for this segment: Things that we love above Woocommerce

  • it’s Open source
  • flexible
  • easy to use
  • low website development & maintenance cost
  • has all e-commerce features that a lean Online Fashion start-up needs

Starting Line

So, this is the starting line. We will post a series of articles on branding & CRO before we launch, covering following areas of your website:

  • home Page
  • category Page
  • shopping Cart
  • checkout Page
  • about Page
  • transactional emails and more

These articles will also work as our requirement specification document for this project.

So, lots of more kick ass content coming-up  for you people. Stay tuned and feel free to share your thoughts and feature requests on Twitter at @ilovefashionret.

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