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Marketing Case Study – How we Built an Audience for Launch of a Streetwear Label around KPOP?

After building their website and branding, we worked with Bangcube to help them build traffic and anticipation for their brand’s launch. Bangcube sells Korean designer streetwear clothing in the South-east Asia. It was challenging to find an audience for Korean Streetwear label in a market that was not so well versed with the Korean culture.

The common denominator
In our market research and multiple rounds on intelligence gathering sessions with the company owners, we were able to establish the common denominator between their products and their target audience – KPOP. We figured out that the people who are interested in Korean drama and Korean pop music will be the same audience which might also be interested in Korean fashion.

How did we do it?
We created a Facebook group for Kpop enthusiasts – Kpop Stole My Bicycle. We curated Kpop related content from all around the web and promoted that content (especially Kpop videos because of the lower CPA for Facebook videos) and gathered a huge database of people in the South-east Asian market who engaged with Kpop related content on Facebook.

Our testing and market research also confirmed that Facebook audience that is most exposed to the Korean music and drama is most likely to take interest in Bangcube. But there was another challenge – Bangcube’s products were expensive and might not be very affordable for an average Kpop Fan. So, the next thing we did was to segment this audience data into another segment of people who were also interested in expensive and luxury labels. From there we created segments and extrapolated that audience data by creating more segments of lookalike audience for further optimization & testing.

In 2 weeks, we used this audience to get more than 14,000 K-Pop lovers to join the waiting list of the brand’s launch in 2 weeks.

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