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Fashion Blogging Case Study: How We Helped a Multi-brand E-Commerce Store Multiply Sales & Traffic from Google


We have been working with IFCHIC for over 5 years helping them in various marketing disciplines, such as UI/UX design, Influencer marketing, etc. IFCHIC is a multi-brand online retail store based in California that sells curated high fashion designer clothing in the US and worldwide. Recently, we worked with IFCHIC  to redesign their editorial strategy and help them increase their organic traffic from Google. In their editorial section, they had been posting fashion related topics but they needed a more concrete and effective strategy to make these topics discoverable by their potential customers on Google.


The biggest challenge we faced while redesigning their editorial strategy was ‘high competition’, for competitive keyword phrases relevant to their products such as jeans, sunglasses, pants, skirts, bodysuits, etc. – everyone is writing about these trending topics. So, we had to find a way to discover topics that people are searching for but not many people are writing about, and they are also relevant to products being sold on the website What made the task even more challenging is the fact that Google is quite conservative in sharing what people are searching and especially how many are searching for these keywords

How we did it

We started by carefully selecting topics that have a high search value on Google. The next step was to look for keywords with a low ‘editorial competition’, which is not the same as ‘advertising competition’. For example, many retailers might be willing to pay to show up on Google’s paid search listings for a specific keyword but very few retailers might actually be writing about it. So, our decision to write about the topics was based on its editorial competition and not how many marketers are bidding for that keyword.

Just to give you an example, people are always searching for ‘Jeans’ on Google and there are more than 1 millions results on google for this keyword. Writing yet another blog post about ‘Jeans’ would have little impact on their overall SEO traffic. For example, we learned that because of the low competition, we had better chances of driving traffic from “Taylor swifts jeans” rather than just “jeans”. By writing about highly searched, trending topics, we were able to target a more specific group while without dealing with high editorial competition.

If you look at the titles, we kept them keyword-rich, interesting, and enticing enough to make readers click and read the whole article.

How do these posts generate sales, you might ask?

We found similar products in their inventory and linked & embedded the products in the posts itself. This allows the customer to read the article, check products directly relevant to the topic and decide whether they want to also purchase them.


For the aforementioned reasons, the topics we selected and wrote are getting more traffic than the previously written posts which targeted more competitive topics. As a result, we’ve been able to multiply the brand’s organic traffic from Google. Thanks to our copy-writing team for writing such engaging articles that are not only doing well on Google’s search listing but also serving as a daily dose of fashion inspiration for IFCHIC customers.

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