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How we gathered 14,000 emails in 2 Weeks for Launch of a Streetwear Label?

Bangcube is among the most challenging projects we had the opportunity to work on. We designed & developed their ecommerce website on a shopify platform and we also handled their marketing, including their website’s launch marketing. Just when we were in the last phase of development and couple of weeks away from the scheduled launch date, the client threw a challenge to help them gather 20,000 emails for launch. They wanted us to find 20,000 people from their target audience who would subscribe to their coming soon page to be informed about their brand launch.

How did we do it?
Based on the client’s objective, we knew that our best shot at achieving the goal in such a small time frame was if one subscriber leads to the other. You got it – we designed a referral marketing campaign using Kickofflabs. We created a coming soon page and one referral page which user sees on signing-up to the coming soon page. This campaign was inspired by Harry’s referral marketing campaign featured on Fourhourworkweek. Thanks to Bangcube, they offered amazing prizes including Big Bang concert tickets and other cool gifts that really grabbed the interest of their core target audience.

Even though, we fell short of the target but still managed to get just over 14,000 subscribers joining their waiting list in 2 weeks and build much anticipation for their brand’s launch in such short period of time.

Wondering where did all the traffic come from? Check this case study which explains how we used Facebook to drive traffic to their coming soon page.

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