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Kids Schoolwear Brand in UK to inherit Digitalization

Most parents across the UK, assume school’s uniform shopping a daunting task. SIDCO, an online kids Schoolwear company is thereby facilitating the folks across the nation by offering the best quality school uniforms and enhanced customer service.



Brand Profile

Sidco School Wear is a newly built online platform in WooCommerce enabling the citizens to shop for school uniforms online effectively. Sidco also possesses in-house embroidery machines to offer personalization for the garments such as Jackets, Polos, or Caps. They let the consumers shop for their preferred uniform via the best customer experience. Contact us regarding your WooCommerce Fashion Online eCommerce Development.


Although the client was sure about his requirements, he didn’t have any clue about a web design complementing his business. So, SIDCO needed a professional design partner to quickly drive through the process to facilitate UK citizens via superior online uniform services.

SIDCO Needed:Our Strategy:
Digital Business IdentityDevelop Robust ECommerce Platform
Increase EngagementsHighlight Sidco’s Offerings

Our Approach

Before embarking upon the transformation journey, we know it’s integral to comprehend the SIDCO’s core functionalities for a crystalline roadmap. We analyzed all functions of the platform and created a step by step strategy for perfect project execution.

fashion digital marketing strategy

We have designed and tested each aspect of the front-end to render higher UX to accompany SIDCO’s growth and introduced various solutions to exponentially drive up this growth.

Our Creative Direction

Alluring Topography
Our experts have rendered robust and typography to develop effective and reliable visual communication with customers.

We have chosen a dark blue and white palette with golden highlights to portray responsibility and professionalism.

We have precisely illustrated the elements to anchor the visuals that are difficult to be visualized through photography.

Ecommerce Design

Our designer team has produced concise and easily absorbable designs to add simplicity and credibility to the brand products.


The result

As a consequence, we have developed a high-performing, scalable, highly-appealing, responsive, and feature-loaded website that the client was contented to watch it live.

Starting from the homepage to all the inner pages, all the information is not only illustrated attractively but also is organized in perfect order.

Given the challenges and competition, having a high-performing online store is not a piece of cake though. However, our expertise and dedicated efforts have helped hundreds of clients to convert the majority of their website visitors into final customers. As, the responsive design, enhanced user interface, and improved functionality are the prime contributing factors to assist business growth.

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