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Want more customer to leave reviews? Here’s how you do it in fashion and how it can grow your sales

No matter how fashion-forward your brand is, shoppers will always be unsure of the products that they want to buy. Avid shoppers, who have been shopping online ever since it became a thing, still struggle with decision making. The reason behind this is that everybody has a different body type and every brand a different sizing. In this case, it is usually hard for the customer to relate to the model wearing the dress, shoe, jeans or whatever it might be. Without having the option to physically try the item, customers are left to make a guess based on the size guide mentioned on the website or comparing their size to the model.

Even though most e-commerce websites have a review widget, they struggle with generating reviews. Reviews are what makes it easier for shoppers to compare their size with regular and relatable people. Brands like Free People, Urban Outfitters and Victoria Secret’s are some of the many brands that use customer reviews to its full potential and then other brands like Rent the Runway and Lulu’s are using customer photo reviews to take their customer experience to the next level.

The power of photo reviews

Photo reviews provide instant inspiration and allow shoppers to see how other women have styled the product. It also helps to see what the product would look like on someone with a similar body type. After all, not a lot of regular women have bodies like models.

Rent the runway has been using this feature since 2012. They found out that women were sending their pictures to the team who helped style them. Ever since then they implemented a photo review section on the website and their sales and website conversion rate shot through the roof. They now have 1.5 million photo reviews on their website.

On the other hand, Lulu’s found out that the products that had photo reviews attached to they sold far more quickly.

Why you should invest in generating more customer reviews?

Reviews help the brands understand what hot and what’s not. They can also make tweaks in the sizing depending upon the customer’s reviews. The feedback can help the brand reach a larger audience and improve the overall quality and sizing of the products.

We are in the age where every shopper is conscious and goes through every detail of the product, including material, place of origin and of course reviews. Direct feedback from the customers is the most valuable thing for any brand. So, here’s how reviews can actually help you to grow your business:

1. Social Proof leads to more purchases: Product reviews are the biggest source of social proof. Even while buying a small item from Amazon, we as customers, usually go through the product ratings and reviews before buying the product. 94% of shoppers reported that negative reviews convinced them to not buy a product. Therefore, reviews become essential when it comes to customers who want to buy a product, especially online.

2. Customer reviews give your brand more visibility: To be a successful brand, you have to constantly work on improving your visibility. Shoppers usually start the process by going on the search engines like Google or Bing when deciding what to buy. These websites have a unique way of surfacing content and organic content is what makes the ranks go up. In this case, customer reviews can be very helpful for brands to be discoverable. Reviews also boost your SEO. If the reviews are positive, the search engine can value your website highly. A higher rank will result in people seeing your website as an authority.

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3. Reviews make you look trustworthy: Positive and regular reviews can help boost trustworthiness among the customers towards the brand. Reviews play a vital role in building the company’s online identity. Usually, customers distrust companies that have a rating below 4 stars. Reviews can really help increase the overall rating of the company as well as help them drive more sales.

4. Reduces product returns: About 17% of returns are made because the item did not fit properly and 30% returns are made because the product wasn’t what the customer expected. Customer reviews especially the ones with photos can really help brands to reduce returns. Since customers can see what the product will look like on someone with a similar body type, it becomes easier for them to choose a size or fit for themselves. They can be surer of what they order as compared to seeing the product on a model. This can help the brand cut down costs on return, simplify logistics and sell more products.

5. Reviews facilitate decision making: Encouraging customers to talk about their experience with the brand is something that social media or advertisements can’t do. The authenticity of the customer review is what makes others buy the product.

Also, reviews impact the sales for the brand. According to a study by Harvard Business School, brands that are reviewed positively have better sales. Feedback from past customers can give potential shoppers the confidence to buy. hence, increasing sales. If a customer has access to reviews, it will not only help a brand in online sales but can also increase in-store shopping.

6. Improve customer experience: Brands often overlook the wealth of insights that customer reviews can provide for them. These reviews can become a forum for brands to directly interact with their customers. Not only that, brands can instantly respond to a poor review and show the customer that you care. Brands will receive criticism in these reviews which they can take positively and make the required changes. Thus, improving the product and customer experience overall.

How to get more customer reviews: Now let’s talk about how to get more customer reviews on your website, even if you have just started out

1. Post your reviews on the homepage: You should consider posting some reviews on the homepage. This can help customers see them right when they enter the website and starts trusting your brand. It also encourages them to leave reviews when they place an order.

2. Project yourself as a social brand: In order to get more customer reviews, you should project yourself as a social-centric brand that has an army of customers who like to interact with the brand. This also helps you develop a feeling of being part of a community in your customers, and which makes other customers want to be part of the community by sharing their shopping experience on your website.

3. Automated emails and follow-up emails: Just in case you don’t know – you can send automated follow-up emails to your customers once their order has reached them. Please note that automation and timing are key when it comes making more and more customers leave a review, as your customers are far less likely to leave a review if you contact them too soon. 

You use apps like Loox and Yotpo to automate your product reviews collection process.

4. Don’t hide your negative reviews: Not having any negative on the website can come across as being unauthentic. Many retailers only display positive reviews on their website, but unfortunately, this kind of approach will not be helpful to build an honest relationship with the customer. The objective of product reviews is not to generate sales but to help the customer in choosing the right product. keeping it real will not only help you but your customers to find the right kind of thing for themselves and you will save money from return and refunds. This is why Glossier has a lot of negative reviews on its website along with all the positive ones.

5. Rewards and thank yous: Rewarding customer for a review is a great way to get more people to leave reviews. It also encourages them to do it the next time as well. Furthermore, make sure you thank your customers for taking out time to review their products using email automation. It also helps in fostering a deeper relationship with them.

Reviews have become essential in this age and day. No matter what customers buying, they always look for reviews to know more about the product and we hope this article gave you some insights on how to do so. Tweet us on @ilovefashionret and let us know your thoughts on customer reviews.

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