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5 Practical tips to Write Compelling Product Descriptions for your Online Fashion Brand

Don’t you find it a little offensive if someone gets your name wrong, I am pretty sure if clothes could speak they would tell us how much they hate generic product descriptions? Each one of the products listed on your website is unique and each one of them deserves a carefully crafted name, don’t you think? A unique and strategically made product description gives your product a fair chance to be found by a wandering online shopper, who is lost in today’s world of endless product listings and their exaggerated features. Let us help you make it easier for your customers to find you more easily, through some tips to write super compelling product descriptions

1) Converse with your ideal customer: When a customer walks into your store you have an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with him, but what if you have to create the first impression, how would you put across your message to a prospective customer in the few brief moments that you have their attention. Well, that’s where product descriptions come to play.

  • Ideal product description will contain every answer to every possible question, your prospective customer may have in his mind.
  • Use similar language as your ideal customer does, when he is searching for an item online
  • Be as personal as possible, by using the word ‘you’ or ‘your’.
  • Use humor or casual lingo like ‘that sucks’ to spice things up, only if your target audience can appreciate it.

2) Infuse model measurements as a size guide:
Sometimes a customer finds it difficult to decide if a particular length or fit would be appropriate for them. Your product description can prove to be a guide if it ingrains the size specifications of the model wearing your products. Consider the product description by  Dorothy Perkins. ‘Model is 5’8(176.8 cm and wears a size 8’


3) It’s not just worded:
Your customers are sensory beings, they want to see and touch a fabric that they are buying. Probably technology will allow online customers to feel and touch a fabric through their laptops in the unforeseen future. But until then you will have can use beautifully crafted words to cast a magic spell on your customers and capture their imagination.

  • Make sure that the customer can easily zoom in and out of product pictures
  • If your budget allows, you can also add product videos as they give a more realistic view.
  • Consider starting your product description with phrases like ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome if ..’ or ‘Imagine if..’
  • Instead of using generic adjectives use words like luminous, utterly lady-like, alluring, dazzling. Try to make your product descriptions sound sexy, like this beautifully crafted product description by YSL, which makes you feel like you absolutely must buy this lipstick.


4) Tell your brand story:
Your customers love stories, so make sure you tell them yours. Your product descriptions can describe:

  • how your brand was born
  • why you chose the name you chose for your brand
  • the production process
  • the materials you use
  • The social causes you support

Have a look at this amazing product description by Kate Spade, which flaunts the fact that this collection was launched 21 years ago, how in fashion terms, it is a classic.


5) Embed little style tips:
Tell them how to wear that little black dress for a first date or which one of your brand’s dresses would be perfect for a beach holiday. Your customers will love these little style tips embedded in your product descriptions like Monsson UK has done in the example below. Some examples would be

  • Party perfect ensemble
  • Make a floor-sweeping entrance
  • Made for casual Friday
  • Perfect for formal occasions
  • Polished enough for the office and pretty enough for a party

As an independent designer or emerging fashion retailer, we totally get your fear of writing compelling product descriptions. You may doubt your writing talent or if you do begin writing, your copy doesn’t reflect your creativity as you might have wished for. We hope these tips will help bridge the expectations vs reality gap of your product descriptions.

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