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Want to contribute a guest article post on the I Love Fashion Retail Blog? 

Here’s what you need to know…

ILOVEFASHIONRETAIL is a blog that talks about the business, marketing and the technology side of Fashion and everything that falls in between. For the last 5 years, we have been sharing our learnings and industry experiences here on this blog, talking about things that we think matter in the business of fashion. 

There is so much that we have learned and there is so much we want to share with everyone here on this blog, but unfortunately, there is only so many hours on the clock. So, we have decided to actively invite guest posts from fellow comrades in Fashion to share their voice on the ILFR blog.  

So, if you are an exceptional writer, with a shared love for Fashion, we would like to have you share your expertise with the growing ILFR readership, which includes fashion marketers, entrepreneurs, emerging retailers and CEO’s, we’d love to hear from you.

We request you to spend some time reviewing these guidelines for a better understanding of our expectations from you if you would like to contribute a guest article. This page should answer any questions that you have about the content that we’re looking for and how to submit a guest post.

The Bare Essentials 

Compendious, well-executed, data-driven and interesting posts that teach our readers something about the world of fashion e-commerce and business are what we are looking for. We are keen on publishing interesting topics such as fashion marketing, Adwords, case studies, fashion e-commerce, logistics, public relations, content, disruptive technologies, etc. 

We also look for a few things in every post that we publish: 

  1. Original ideas, compelling arguments, and high-quality writing. We will not republish anything that’s been published already elsewhere. 
  2. The articles should reflect the writing style and tone of the ILFR Blog. We aim to be casual, yet helpful. 
  3. The attribution of data and quotations outside the referenced article has to be done proficiently and properly to avoid any plagiarism.
  4. Do not link your company’s website more than once in the body of the post.

The different types of posts that we accept

1. Actionable Content: We are selective about the content that goes up on our blog. Therefore, select topics that have hard data, actionable/ insightful takeaways, and thorough explanations of each step.
Example: How to Help your Customers Pick the Right Size and Reduce your Order Returns 

2. Canonical: These posts give readers in-depth insightful takeaways that are supported by relevant, recent examples of retailers, and current data. 

When readers finish reading this type of post, they should be able to immediately act on the given topic and should have least number of questions wondering how to go about it.
Example: 7 of the Best Fashion Marketplaces for Private Label Clothing Brands 

3. Interviews: We love to interview people on our blog. As long as the interview is not promotional, the article is good to go. Not to forget, it has to be actionable and insightful. Avoid direct promotion. 

Choose a good topic. Every brand has a different plan, objective, and struggle. Try to encapsulate it in your article.
Example: Shipping Lessons for E-commerce Fashion Startups – Interview with Rob Martinez from Shipware LLC

We do publish posts that do not fall in any of the above-mentioned categories but your post has the best chance to get featured if it matches any of these formats. 

What We Won’t Accept

  •  Topics and articles which have already been touched upon or described. Please go through the ILFR blog before submitting   your articles
  •  Anything that may be interpreted as a link-building scheme. 
  •  Anything that’s too promotional 
  •  Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate. 
  •  Anything that’s overly critical of individuals or companies
  •  Anything that’s too vague. Content has to be topic-specific. 

How to Submit a Guest Post

  • Fill the Google form 
  • Send us your completed post as a Google document
  • All image files should be attached in a separate folder with proper attributions mentioned with it. ( Keep in mind, the featured image on the blog is always vertical) Follow the layout of the existing blog posts in terms of image placement.
  • All images have to be high-resolution.
  • A maximum of one anchor text link to your website with a short “about” author bio of yourself.
  • All the submissions will go through a plagiarism check.
  • The ILFR team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
  • All posts must have a minimum of 600 words.


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