Fashion Copywriting Service

While general service copywriters can craft generic SEO content, our skilled fashion copywriting specialists know how to write effective content specifically for fashion brands like yours. Our proven optimization strategies help your brand’s uniqueness stand out against competitors.

Fashion copywriters play a key role in establishing a brand’s online reputation, increasing visibility while defining a brand and products. Descriptive content that is crafted with search engine optimization in mind will give your business the exposure it deserves, allowing you to exponentially grow the sales of your online fashion store.

Hiring an experienced fashion copywriter is a great way to strengthen your brand and increase your online presence. Our team of e-commerce fashion copywriting specialists provides fashion copywriting consulting service to help you develop a unique voice for your company that will drive sales and set your business apart in the fashion industry.

Exceptional product descriptions are proven to increase time on page and conversion rate, and can propel your business forward. Descriptive wording allows consumers to visualize the product and their minds become your best salesperson. Our experienced ecommerce fashion copywriters know how to craft text that sells, and will work with your unique brand image to create on-page content that pushes your products.

Our fashion copywriters pride themselves in creating compelling content that engages your customers. In addition to working to increase visibility, we will pinpoint the voice of your brand. A consistent voice will develop your brand’s trust and relevance for your customers.

 Our specialized fashion copywriting services include:

  • Writing Fashion blog posts
  • Writing elevator pitches
  • Writing brand narratives
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Writing category descriptions
  • Writing Facebook ad copies
  • Writing meta tags of your product and category pages
  • Writing captions for Social Media, such as Instagram, Facebook etc, in their native format
  • Writing content for Welcome email, and other transactional emails
  • Writing content for promotional emails
  • Writing business taglines

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