Email Marketing For Fashion Ecommerce

Fashion Email Marketing Funnels
– Nurturing a relationship with your subscribers

Fashion Email Marketing Services

We help our customers with specialized custom fashion email marketing funnels by setting up various email marketing campaigns to engage with visitors on the website. We strive to convert visitors into subscribers, to first-time visitors, and finally repeat customers.

We can help you build multiple engagement opportunities for users who land on your website using retargeting and email marketing since customers in this segment are heavily influenced by offers, therefore we will help you leverage emails and retargeting ads to use offers to make users place their first order, and will send segmented promotional emails to your subscribers

Here is what we will achieve with our custom Email Marketing For Fashion Ecommerce Brands.

  1. Custom Email template design for all the series (listed below)
  2. Mailchimp/Klavio/Similar set-up and integrations with your website (including testing)
  3. Setup Welcome Email Series
  4. Setup Abandon Cart Email Series
  5. Setup Promotional Email Series
  6. Sending 1 custom design email every week (4 per month for promotional email series)
  7. List building activities and recommendations

A good business attracts a lot of customers, a great business keeps those customers coming back. We can help with your fashion email marketing conversion funnel to assist in retaining customers.

Let us help and manage your Email Marketing For Fashion Ecommerce Brand to drive success and higher ROI.

  1. Contact us, let us know which email delivery platform your currently using
  2. We’ll analyze your existing platform (and in case you’re not using one we will recommend you one) and identify any shortcomings.
  3. We will ensure custom branded designs for all your fashion email funnels which will help grow your business/sales further while nurturing your customers with the latest offers and promotions.

We invite you to learn more about how you can build better engagement using Fashion Email Marketing conversion funnel with your customers and grow your sales.