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The Rise of AI in Fashion Retail: How Can ChatGPT Help Fashion Retailers?

The advent of AI is the success of this century. At present, 37% of businesses are using AI. And, the fashion industry is among the first that put AI chatbots into use. 

Among the running AI chatbots, Chat GPT has become the talk of the town. 

Online fashion retailers can use this technology to streamline their daily processes and work efficiently. 

Want to know how? 

This article covers how the AI tool, ChatGPT, helps fashion retailers take their business to the next level. 

Let’s get started. 


What is ChatGPT? 

Chat GPT is an AI-powered chat-generating system. Its full form is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. 

Open AI brought this system to light in November 2022. 

This is the AI-based GPT-3 model, an advanced level compared to its peers.

The system sources data from websites, articles, & other resources and uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to generate human-like conversations. So, when anyone asks anything, it responds through AI. 

How does ChatGPT works?

ChatGPT works by learning information. At first, it is consumed and adapted to a large volume of datasets. It includes articles, websites, conversations, etc. 

Then the system analyzes these data to learn the style, tone, pattern, structure, etc. 

Once the analysis is completed and it has learned the process, it can produce answers based on the topics. 

What Are Fashion Chatbots?

Up until now, fashion websites have used AI chatbots, which work as their assistant or stylist. 

But the emergence of ChatGPT has shown a whole new world to the fashion industry. 

The system is showing potential to flourish in the fashion industry, which the fashion industry should take a chance on. 

Though ChatGPT holds many skill sets, there are some features suitable for the fashion industry. 

  • Avoid Time Limitations: It helps fashion stores stay active and answer clients regardless of what timezone they are in. 
  • Fast Response: It can generate answers as any human would. No matter what type of queries it receives, it can answer, and even allow search options for the customers. 
  • Engaging Conversations: ChatGPT can converse like an assistant, recommend solutions, and even work as a virtual stylist for buyers; which helps potential customers to convert.  
  • Write Product Descriptions: Online stores for fashion need hundreds of product descriptions, or even more which ChatGPT can perform without any hitch. 
  • Message Translation: If your store gets foreign clients, ChatGPT is smart enough to translate their message and communicate with them. 

How Can ChatGPT Help Your Fashion Store?  

Running an online fashion house is a lot of work to manage. You will definitely want some assistance with this. 

This is where the AI tool ChatGPT comes in the fashion industry, as a robust solution for you. 

ChatGPT offers a lot of solutions for fashion stores to keep online retailers on their toes. So, that they can run their daily activities smoothly.  

Let’s know about that. 

1. Produces Great Product Descriptions 

Fashion products need a handful of descriptions depending on types, trends, and demands. As online shoppers can’t check the product first-hand, they rely mostly on the description. 

ChatGPT can help the e-commerce fashion industry by writing in-detail product descriptions with the inclusion of required information and features. 

2. Offers Instant & Fast Client Support 

For online stores, responding at the right time is an opportunity for conversion. That’s why automated chatbots are popular on fashion websites. ChatGPT top plays this role and supports clients instantly with 

  • Brand-related information 
  • Latest fashion highlights 
  • Promotional messages & offers
  • Helpful responses in real-time etc. 

Here are some examples of some online fashion stores’ AI chatbots.  

The premium brand Louis Vuitton has implemented a chatbot on its Facebook page. 

It answers regular questions, suggests products, informs item details from a catalog, etc. Customers can share Louis Vuitton products with their FB friends. 

Upon receiving a message from an interested prospect, the chatbot will start conversing naturally. Then it answers any questions it receives. 

If anyone asks for outfit suggestions, by asking some questions to proceed; the chatbot will offer so. 

Along with the outfit, it offers shoes and accessories; just like a personal stylist. It also offers new options. 

Also, it answers FAQs. And about the return/refund-related questions, it directs the buyers to the relevant webpage where these are described.  

Loral has implemented the AI assistant Mya for the recruiting works. 

The system chats with candidates through SMS, email, Skype, and Facebook simultaneously. It also answers FAQs, updates on progress, sends guidelines, alerts, etc. 

The chatbot of American Eagle offers a lot of help to the customers. It asks questions to make recommendations. 

It also launched the holiday gift guide where customers played quizzes with the chatbot and received rewards. 

The multinational e-commerce clothing retail store H&M is using a chatbot for customer communication through messaging. 

The bot performs on providing personalized services such as answering clients’ questions, offering style guidelines virtually, suggesting outfits, etc. 

While in the process it is collecting data for the company for retargeting purposes. 

3. Provides Personalized Solutions 

AI used in the fashion market are smart, they learn through interaction. As a result, many fashion brands use AI in their website to offer seamless solutions to the online shopper. 

When buyers are confused about their purchasing decision, ChatGPT acts as a personal stylist, offering smart guidelines without any cost. 

It analyzes the data, people’s preferences, fashion trends & styles, etc. Then it provides guidelines and personalized shopping experiences for the customers. 

4. Offers User-friendly Assistance 24/7 

Humans have limitations; they feel stressed, rejection makes them dejected, and they can’t work all the time. 

But an online store can get clients to reach them anytime. 

In this case, ChatGPT can perform more efficiently with accuracy. Even in times of rush, such as festivals. This system can communicate with thousands of clients at a time, without missing any information or making any clients feel discomfort. 

5. Generates Social Media Text 

ChatGPT texts can be used for generating social media content as well. You can take advantage of this AI tool on fashion-related pages on Facebook or Instagram. 

Such tools are intelligent enough to study that platform and learn the language, styles, tones, etc. through interaction. Thus they come up with suitable social texts and personalized content, which match answering any buyers’ queries. 

6. Minimizes Managing Cost

ChatGPT is simple to use and free of cost. Implementing it to your online store offers you a lot of flexibility in working. 

For example, aside from handling multi-tasking, complicated jobs, and different types of inquiries, it can simultaneously communicate with several people. 

Hiring employees for these jobs would cost a lot. But this AI tool can perform the job well. It can manage the works of several people alone which helps save costs of service provider representatives. 

7. Scalable in Time of Need

Businesses have multi-channel strategies they work on. Administering the performance of every strategy isn’t easy; which is where chatbots assist. You can integrate this AI tool for working and managing other systems, such as 

  • Software Development 
  • Content creation 
  • Programming 
  • Coding, etc.  

ChatGPT is curated to offer fast and flawless services, it keeps track of every connection it makes with the customers and converses as per necessity. A high volume of questions, requests, and orders; this AI tool can handle all of them. 

8. Addresses Customer’s Needs 

You can tailor ChatGPT to offer satisfactory client support in real-time. 

It is trained on large volumes of client-support data. By using those data and other resources, ChatGPT can interact with customers, address their unique needs and answer accordingly. 

It also offers search options for customers asking for their preferences. Many consider this advantage as an alternative to Google. However, unlike search engines, ChatGPT brings straightforward answers to the questions. 

9. Collects Customer Feedback 

You can not only use ChatGPT for multi-tasking but also collect customers’ feedback. While putting it to work, you can survey people’s interests, expectations, etc. 

This information is a great source for you to stay informed and take the necessary to be on the right track by meeting customers’ needs. 

Future of AI in the Fashion Retail 

AI implementation in the fashion market has so far proven good; both in nurturing business culture and offering satisfactory client services. So, there is a lot to expect from using AI technology in the fashion industry.  

Advancements in AI technology 

The advent of AI has upgraded the fashion industry so much. Here are some examples: 

For Retailers

  • Aids retailers in product manufacturing and designing sections 
  • Collects customer data for better optimizing to fulfill the business goals
  • Tracks information about inventory, sales, & returns and automates repetitive tasks 

For Customers

  • Answers customers on their different questions
  • Assists customers in finding their desired products
  • Suggests customers’ outfits based on their physical stature

Impact on the Fashion Industry 

Positive Negative 
  • Ensures error-free process 
  • Efficiently performs repetitive jobs 
  • Offers quick assistance 24/7 
  • Comes up with new solutions 
  • Human approaches aren’t fully developed 
  • Increases unemployment 
  • Not all functions are flawless


AI is performing errorless and efficiently. 

ChatGPT or other AI-powered chatbots are producing good results as well, there’s no doubt of this fact. 

But still. . . 

AI has a long way to go to reach the human level. 

ChatGPT has the potential to reach. For that, this model needs training to adapt to human language, style, and tone. 

And then, you can expect it to provide custom solutions and personalized interactions with your customers 24/7. 

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