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Serious About Building a Sustainable E-commerce Business? Have Less Categories


In the previous article, we discussed – What is Core Product Category of your Online Store and Why You Should Never Lose Focus of It?”

This brings us to the next question – “How many categories should an ecommerce business have?” The simple answer to the questions is – the fewer categories, the better.

Don’t create a category just for the sake of having it. 

Having too many categories not only dilutes your brand in long run but also makes managing your business more complex.

Have fewer categories on your website is good for your business because:

  • Fewer categories mean less support.
  • Fewer categories mean less SEO related issues (due to canonical / duplication issues)
  • Fewer people you need to hire to manage extra categories
  • Less Organizational Complexity
  • Simpler logistics involved in the delivery of the products
  • You make the life of your staff easy

Each time you add a new category, your business grows exponentially more complicated.

The less complex your business is, the agiler as a company you can be.

Thus, it’s better to just say no to a new category and maintain your vision for your Fashion Brand by staying focused on your core product category.

A new category added should actually add value to your Brand. Instead of trying to sell more types of products, build a brand that sells fewer categories with high value.

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