I Love Fashion Retail Featured on Clutch with 5-star Client Rating

Throughout life, one thing remains consistent: people are busy. With hectic schedules and unending responsibilities, making a trip out to the brick-and-mortar store is not always all that easy. Why pay for transportation when you could just hop online? At I Love Fashion Retail, we understand that E-commerce drives sales.     

We were fortunate to have recently been featured on Clutch as a leading E-commerce developer in India! As much as we appreciate the commemoration of our work, we know that our clients were instrumental to our success. Without their cooperation and truthful testimony, there is no way we could have achieved such a distinction.       

Clutch, the online ratings and review firm, renowned for compiling client testimony, case studies, and objective quantitative information, leads its industry. What makes their platform unique, are the verified client interviews they conduct. We are excited to share that I Love Fashion Retail has a 5-star overall rating from two of our clients.

Olivia Hollaus, Founder of Protect My Shoes, was impressed with I Love Fashion Retail. She commented, Not only is the team very skilled at creating websites that look good, they’re capable of programming complicated customizing product options. The fact that the project manager is so easy to communicate with, either via email or skype for calls, is priceless.

The positive client feedback didn’t stop there, Vasumathi Soundararajan, founder of, complimented our vast abilities saying, “Compared to other agencies I’ve worked with, I Love Fashion Retail is both technically savvy as well as creatively talented. As a startup with a small budget, it’s been great to work with them because they provided their entire services to us for a great deal, from concept to developing a brief to going over solutions to execution.

Thank you to our clients for sharing your experience with I Love Fashion Retail on Clutch, we appreciate your kind words. Not only did this client feedback help our ranking on Clutch, it also got us recognized by their sister website, The Manifest, for our additional services. They listed I love Fashion Retail as of the top social media marketing agencies in India. We are proud of this achievement too!

Our innovative team is seeking to constantly reinvigorate the industry. With experience in Shopify plus and Magento, we are knowledgeable and well-positioned to rocket your company to the top. We are looking forward to new clients and projects as well as a continued relationship with Clutch.      

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