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2021 actionable strategy to increase Instagram followers from 0-30k in three months

get more fashion instagram followers

It’s certainly undeniable that Instagram has been one of the most popular social media channels across the globe. Almost 10-year-old, this amazing platform is not merely used for messaging and posting pictures, but also has come up with several beneficial advantages for the fashion brands to amplify their audience reach.

Do people really care about shopping over Instagram? 

Well, the statistics suggest that:

  • 81% of users find Instagram useful to search for the products and services 
  • Each month 130 million Instagram users tap over shopping posts
  • 90% of Instagram users follow business accounts
  • Instagram business accounts see an average of 1.46% monthly Instagram followers growth

The above stats are quite compelling, but what should be the roadmap for a startup Instagram account?

So are you a startup and need to scale fast and are you looking for ways to make your fashion brand go viral in the world?

Instagram is an excellent means to immediately build your audience, generate awareness for your fashion brand, and generate sales. However, it all boils down to what people use it for and how they leverage the platform for incredible outcomes. Hence, we have garnered the best tactics to leverage Instagram for your lately launched fashion brand and how to Increase Instagram followers instantly up to 30k within two to three months.

#1: Put Instagram reels to the forefronts

Instagram Reels; a modern way to engage and connect with the Instagram followers and audience.

But the question arises; as to how will it assist fashion brands to grow and stand out in the chaotic crowd of fashion social media marketing agency?

Launched as a TikTok competitor, Instagram users can now create videos for up to 30 seconds. Several fashion brands have started utilizing the feature to serve as a lead generator for their brands.

Therefore, if Instagram Reels aren’t on your radar, you might possibly be lagging behind in the race to entice your targeted audience.


sephora fashion instagram

Sephora has mastered Instagram Reel, gaining thousands of views with each video. Their Reels are fresh and diverse, from interesting tutorials to user-generated content.

Key takeaway: Encourage users to get engaged using the captions like, ‘Tag a friend who you would want to go shopping with’ or ‘Tag a friend who must see this video’.

You should leverage reels to grow your fashion brand by educating your audience, showcasing your business’s personality, and specifying the facts that differentiate your products or services from your competitors.

Just like TikTok videos, Instagram Reels possess the possibility to go viral. Not only the Instagram users will be able to watch Reels from the accounts they follow, but also they can see Reels from all accounts. And this is a major game-changer.

actionable-strategy instagram followers

Sharing the Reel to both your feed and the Explore Page is an exclusive way to boost your reach beyond your instagram followers.

There are several creative ideas you can use Instagram Reels for your fashion brand.

#2: Optimize your business profile

Optimizing an Instagram profile for a better search is a usually under-utilized hack for Boost instagram followers and that you should definitely try out in 2021.

Brushing up the Instagram optimization skills can render a serious boost.

In fact, many of the techniques employed to optimize the web SEO could also be applied to improvise your brand reach on Instagram.

Yes, you heard it right!

The foremost aspect to consider is a searchable username. Your Instagram username should concisely depict what your account is all about.


How to increase instagram followers


If you’re up for opening a new bakery, remember to include “bakery” in your username.

Now, do add your primary keyword to your display name. For example, if your Instagram account provides fitness tips, write something like:

“Boost your fitness with us”

“Your virtual fitness assistant”

However, hold back before you hit the “edit” button for your bio.

List all the relevant keywords that you want to be searched for, and which relate to your primary keyword.

Once you have the list ready circle the most relevant keywords and rewrite your bio. But remember to avoid keyword stuffing.

Surprise for you instagram ad


Do you know Instagram offers the leverage to add alt text to your photos?

It’s a little-known trick to boost Instagram SEO and it’s pretty similar to how you update your alt. text for your web.

How to edit Instagram photos’ alt text:

  • Click the advanced settings button at the bottom before sharing your photo
  • Then scroll down and click “write your alt text” option
  • Write the complimenting alt text and share your image for a better reach.


instagram settings


No No No!

Don’t regret, if you have skipped this wonderful feature.

Because the best part: You can add alt text to your older posts, as well.


Edit info instagram settings

SEO, however, could be a brainer for marketers, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t apply these tactics to your Instagram account.

Instagram profile optimization could assist in:

  •  Boosting your chances for your ideal audience to find your content
  •  Lift your vanity meters such as likes and instagram followers
  • Makes it easier to convert potential customers.

#3: Collaborate with micro-influencers

There isn’t any doubt that if harnessed correctly, Instagram can be a precious medium for brands to engage customers through influencers.

Micro-influencers are not the renowned celebrities that you’ll find in the news but are the Instagram users having instagram followers anywhere from 1k to 100k. They probably have built their audience relevant to their niche knowledge and authenticity.

A study by Markerly suggests that there is a clear downward correlation between follower sizes and post likes and comments.


instagram graph for rate vs followership

instagram comment rate vs followership


So what’s the alternate?
Well, we think that the influencers in the 10k-100k follower range are fortunate for enhanced engagement and a broader reach, with exceeding likes and comment rates in contrast to the influencer with an enormous following.

The micro-influencers can move the needle for your fashion brand while costing a fraction of what you would have to pay a mega-influencer.
Therefore, the best things come in small packages in Instagram marketing.

#4: Create authentic, engaging, and shareable content

Undoubtedly, content is a critical part of Instagram’s success.

Creating and sharing random content will only attract random people who care less about you. Such people will be more like spectators and passers-by. They won’t contribute to moving any growth needles for your fashion brand.

Whereas, on the flip side, if you create engaging and targeted content, you will allure exactly the right variety of instagram followers. They will care about your fashion brand, get engaged with your calls to action, and be of great value for your business.

instagram posted-image


Asking questions insists the instagram followers share their thoughts and intentions on any topic. And these user insights can help you come up with even better content in the future.

Also, it might even assist you to come up with new product ideas if you ask the right questions.

To exemplify, if you are a fitness coach, you might ask: “What do you find the toughest task when in the gym?”

The garnered responses will help you formulate new content.

The task now is to map your content strategy into the business goals that you came up with in step one. This will ensure that you create the most impactful kind of content.

Still, wondering? As for how to be more authentic and creative while making Instagram content.

Let’s dive in to discover more of the Instagram content realm.

  • People-centric Content: Humanize your fashion brand to be more successful on Instagram, as stats suggest that photos     with faces are more likely to receive likes by 38% than the pictures with no faces.
  • Product-centric Content: Product-specific content could be advantageous for increasing product sales. Strategically incorporate product mockups of your products.
    For example: Give a sneak peek of the new product, or show how the product is manufactured.
  • Text-based Content: Try to persuade the audience via engaging text. To exemplify you could include uncommon stat or facts, or newsworthy information about your fashion brand or Recipes, and How-to posts relevant to your niche.

#5: Bank on UGC content

It’s the common picture of the present time that customers trust User Generated Content more than the branded content.

UGC incorporates the three essentials to the content: Honesty, Reliability, and Relevancy.

As an online shopping keen, I also explore brands’ Instagram accounts to walk through their content before making a purchase.

Professional product shots usually seem boring after a while. Of course, the products appear beautiful when handled by a professional, but what people really desire to see is how it appears in the hands of you and me.


instagram post


Approach the UGC strategically for impressive Instagram marketing and garner the content that will assist you in growing your business.
Encourage your instagram followers more to share, tag, and mention your fashion brand whenever they are about to create their next post.
This strategy will help you Increase your instagram followers and empower you to outrun your competitors.

#6: Write longer and interesting captions

Often, photos and videos come first on Instagram but, it’s the caption that could make or break an Instagram post.
Simply because the “story” you narrate holds the same significance as the images and videos that you share. It determines the context and could urge followers to take action.

instagram Intresting caption


For the brands, lengthy captions that back story-telling and content authenticity are driving exceptional results.

The long-form captions are fabulous because they empower your audience to learn more about you and your fashion brand.

However, the content you infuse really depends on the context, the occasion, and your fashion brand.

In fact, Fohr’s research revealed that the average caption length has more than doubled since 2016.


Instagram caption lengths


And in 2021, the average caption length will be 405 characters, which averages to be 65-70 words.

#7: Study and use quality hashtags

If you aren’t leveraging Hashtags, your Instagram marketing won’t fetch you enough results. Hashtags provide visibility to your fashion brand. 

But which hashtags should be used for exceptional results?

If you use simple hashtags such as #happy and #selfie, you’ll get a few people to discover your post, but it won’t necessarily be the right audience.

To illustrate, bridesmaid dress company Birdy Grey runs the perfect campaign by insisting their audience utilize the hashtag #birdyinthewild to have an opportunity to be featured on their Instagram and website.


instagram quality hashtag


Your goal is to entice targeted followers, but first, let’s examine how hashtags work?

The hashtag strategy usually employed over Twitter or Facebook differs from Instagram. Consider hashtags as your content catalog.

When you post something over Instagram, try to use a suitable hashtag that adequately describes your content.

For instance, if you’re a traveler and you post a picture while writing on your laptop on a beach in Bali, you may add the hashtags such as #Digitalnomad, #Barefootwriter, #Bali.

The users interested in the nomadic lifestyle or in visiting Bali can discover your post by searching for these hashtags. Therefore, they serve as the navigation and assist in improving the overall user experience of Instagram.

#8: Promote Instagram content on other platforms such as Pinterest

Certainly, there is no scarcity of social media channels to promote your fashion brands and businesses.

So, why not leverage them all for your Instagram following?

Indeed you should!

Pinterest, for example, has been of great help for Instagram users to uplift their brand engagements.

The Instagram users will get attribution on any Pins originating from your Instagram account, even if someone else has done the pinning.

The other benefit of claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest is the access to a more robust analytics system that offers deeper insights into your content performance.

Instagram pinterest

Upon claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest, if you have any existing Pins that belong to your account, those Pins will be attributed to you within a few days of claiming.

Besides, any Pins generated from your account in the future will also be credited to you.

Meaning if you or anyone else creates a Pin using content from your Instagram account, your profile picture and a new follow button will automatically appear on that Pin.

insta account setting


In a nutshell, claiming an Instagram account on Pinterest is way easy and offers great benefits to grow your traffic, instagram followers, and engagement on both platforms.

#9: Create viral Instagram challenges and contests

If you got hard feelings for growing your Instagram account as soon as possible. Bank on organizing contests and games offering prizes in one form or the other.

Announce a giveaway, and the audience will get fascinated by the insights.

However, the perfect execution of the same will requires good preparation and strategy.

When done adequately, it can be an incredible way of alluring traffic and Increase instagram followers to your Instagram brand account.

The Instagram giveaway by the renowned watch brand ORIS is a paragon for this.


feature for influencers


Owing to the beneficial features for influencers and brands, renowned Instagram giants have acknowledged the potential of viral Instagram contests and games for building fashion brand awareness and growing their instagram followers’ count.

Take Bailey Stanworth’s #BathtubChallenge, which is a perfect example here. Bailey kicked off and she urged her instagram followers to dress up, take a selfie in the bathtub, and tag their 3 friends.

Surprisingly, her instagram followers had started posting and tagging friends, and the hashtag grew to over 2,000 posts.


instagram insta challange


Try to turn this Instagram challenge into a series that you will commit monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly.

#10: Collaboration with awesome brands

Brand collaboration is when two or more brands join for a mutual campaign or partnership for shared benefits.

Collaborative marketing could be a key contributing factor for your Instagram’s fashion brand success. It could be related to fashion influencer marketing, but the incorporation of fashion brands makes it unique.

It’s an incredible opportunity to try out radical ideas while discovering a new audience. There is a partnership between two brands to assist each other grow and learn through this campaign.

Brand collaborations could be up to 25x less expensive than digital advertising.

Plus, when you step into multi-channel marketing and alignment opportunities, fashion brand collaborations are proven to be one of the most compelling and cost-effective strategies for your Fashion eCommerce Marketing brand success.


instagram brands


Here’s a couple of other essential perks of fashion brand collaborations:

  • Reach new potential customers 
  • Boost and add a new revenue stream
  • New content
  • Engage your potential audience
  • Build your social media community
  • Amplify your network
  • Draw publicity & create a buzz

The benefits are endless, but it all depends on who you partner with and the campaign strategy you commence together with.


Social media can sometimes seem like fighting a lost battle.

You strive to create content to grab attention and get them hooked to accomplish your brand goals.

Unfortunately, the results aren’t always encouraging.

But it’s different this time. Why?

Because there has never been anything as yielding as Instagram. 

It is an extraordinary platform for branding and sales. Anyone who puts in the right blend of strategy and effort can win huge over this platform.

So, make use of the above-mentioned 10 essential tactics to flourish your fashion brand and it certainly could assist in accumulating 30K+ subscribers in a short span. 

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