Millennials obsession with pets is leading to big guns entering the pet industry

Twenty years ago, a dog wearing a jacket was a noteworthy occurrence, and people would probably call it indulgent and unnecessary. Today, however, millennials are obsessed with two things- dogs and fashion. Hence, you will find a Shih Tzu in a dress and a Frenchie with a bow-tie almost everywhere. 

For dog-owning households, dogs are like a member of the family. Pet parents tend to spoil their dogs just like they would spoil a human baby. They are willing to splurge on them, even when they are trying to cut costs for themselves. Many brands have identified this and are making the most of it by coming up with luxury fashion items for dogs. Many brands like Ralph Lauren and Moschino have also ventured into pet apparel and accessories.

Dressing pups up isn’t just about looks, even though dogs dressed up in cute outfits are adorable. Many clothing pieces serve a practical purpose. For example, some dogs are blessed with a thick coat of fur as natural protection against the elements, but many breeds can use a little extra help, especially in the rain or snow.

Moncler is an Italian label best known for its luxury jackets, it has partnered up with dog clothing brand Poldo Dog Couture to launch a special collection for dogs. The collection features jackets, waistcoats, and hoodies. The collection ensures that dogs can face harsh winters in perfect warmth and total comfort. The pieces can cost somewhere between 295 euro ($335 US dollars) and 390 euro ($444 US dollars).

Streetwear-inspired clothing, now for your dogs

Another famous designer that ventured into dog fashion was Heron Preston. He teamed up with New York-based Very Important Puppies (VIP) to launch a streetwear-inspired line (you heard it right!) of dog clothing and accessories. The dog jackets match Preston’s own line and the leashes resemble his belts. Very Important Puppies (VIP) was started by sisters Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelasi in 2018, after noticing the lack of cool clothing choices for their chihuahua, Boo Boo. Their collections were picked up by some boutiques in major cities as well as Saks Fifth Avenue.


Twin with your dog with Hemsmith’s new collection

Hemsmith is minimalistic fashion brand based in New York. Started by founder Caryn Hsu and designer Cher Lin, who recently started their minimal pet wear line. Hsu and Lin released a classic crewneck tee ($48) and a basic hoodie ($60) in colors that matched the human styles, giving customers a chance to “twin” with their dogs.

Holiday wear is another source that made the dog apparel category grow. Modern pet parents want to celebrate with their four-legged friends, and many do so by dressing them up in fun seasonal apparel. Without any doubt, Halloween is one of the biggest times of year for festive pet attire. Brands like Rubies Pet Shop and PoochieHeaven have a huge affordable variety of costumes for your dog to choose from.

For a lot of pet owners, pets have become a reflection of themselves. This is leading to everything that people need for themselves, they also need for their pets, so they are willing to splurge on luxuries like beds, toys, clothing, travel accessories, medicine and veterinary services. Pet apparel and accessories have not just become a huge industry but is also a profitable one.

Fashion is always changing and there are no exceptions when it comes to pets. The pet industry has shown a 4% growth in the past few years, but it is expected to go up in the coming years and the reason being- millennials. It is not just the number of millennials and their future income, but also their passion for pets. It is growing with every new generation.

With more and more people making pets a part of their families, it should come as no surprise that the pet industry is booming. So if you’ve been thinking of getting into the pet fashion industry, now is a good time.

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