Fashion enthusiasts or folks involved in the business of fashion are always on a look out for literary gems related to this magnificent industry. Understanding the history of fashion or reading about the lives of renowned figures in the fashion industry can sometimes give clues to current trends. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a variety of books on fashion, the best part is they are free to download. The subjects vary from memoirs to documentaries, from design inspirations to history.

  • The Age of Napoleon: Costume from Revolution to Empire, 1789–1815: The topics covered in the book include Costume, jewels and uniforms of the Napoleon empire, Napoleons wardrobe, American and French fashion during Napoleon’s reign.
  • Haute Couture by Richard Martin and Harold Koda (1995): An illustrated volume about everything you want to know about Haute Couture  (fashion driven by the artistic expression of the designer rather than the dictates of clients) from its inception to the works of present day industry legends.

Happy reading !!