Rituals is a bath and body brand, Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures. It has become the fastest-growing bath and body brand in Europe. The brand already has a loyal customer base but their biggest challenge was to reach a new audience, globally. To support this, Rituals needed a marketing strategy that could help them scale quickly and effortlessly. 

‘Rituals’ was earlier using manual audience building to create lists of people that they could target in their campaigns for beauty marketing. But they wanted help to accelerate the process of audience building and campaign optimization. And, as the company was growing rapidly and entering new countries, manual audience building became excessive and hard to achieve.

Now, Rituals is using the Google marketing platform to predict who’s more likely to buy their products and create audiences accordingly using Google Marketing Conversion Probability in Analytics 360. The platform has made it easier for Rituals to reach their audiences across all their campaigns and makes sure that the audience is receiving the right message at the right time. The conversion probability uses machine learning to capture signals like locations, devices and of course predicting how likely a user is to make a purchase.

As a result, Rituals has seen an 85% increase in sales and a 15 percent decrease in cost-per-acquisition. It’s not just about the numbers – Google Marketing has helped them save time and focus on looking for new opportunities and expanding the campaigns.  

“The results are incredible. It actually helped us transform our whole vision. We want to be a global brand and Google Marketing Platform facilitates that growth.” – Martijn van der Zee, Digital Director at Rituals.