Stitch my fabric fashion ecommerceMost people dread unstitched clothes made by tailors who are not great at their job, where fabrics are snipped into unflattering fitting, the delivery is slow and the prices are too high. Pakistan however is very different in their approach, they prefer unstitched clothes even if there is a rapid rise in ready to wear garment’s stores. Zahir Rahimtoola has launched a website named ‘Stitch My Fabric‘ which eliminates the cons of the unstitched clothing business mentioned above. Zahir has been involved in online businesses for many years and owns successful companies like Labels which was one of the first few fashion e-retail stores and E-COM.

The idea to start a online stitching business came to him when he had customers from abroad who bought lawn and other materials online and asked to get them stitched and delivered abroad. People abroad don’t have stitching facilities available at reasonable prices and the local women too find it hectic to make multiple visits to tailors to get their materials stitched in desired styles. Stitch my Fabric allows utter convenience to customers to place their orders, their fabric and sample size is collected by a free pick-up and designed and tailored into a style of their choice within five days. The idea is new to Pakistani women who are accustomed to personally giving the most minute instructions to the tailors, thus only time can tell if they will accept an online virtual tailor. Zahir who has launched successful eCommerce businesses in the past believes that women in Pakistan will appreciate the quality of the services offered by ‘Stitch my Fabric’.