donald robertson Estee lauder J.crew Fashion EcommerceDonald Robertson is a Canadian visual artist and fashion illustrator who is known for the loud red lips that he paints on his creations. He has a massive following of 149000 followers on Instagram. Donald’s secrets to success are very unconventional, yet they have got him professional collaborations with the finest names of the retail industry like J.Crew, Estee Lauder, Brian Atwood etc. He believes in collaborating with friends or people who he already knows and trusts, his business runs without contracts, negotiations and lawyers. Donald also believes in ‘paesano marketing’  which means ‘countrymen’ in Italian. For example he collaborated  for free with Bergdorf Goodman by creating paintings on the spot for customers handbags, which most people thought was silly, however Beyonce made the handbags an overnight success by posting one of his handbags on her blog. Read full article here.