Who could have predicted that the mobile, a simple device for communication will become such a vital part of most everyday activities? Be it for entertainment like viewing videos or listening to music, be it social networking or shopping. Facebook IQ is trying to study the three aspects of the sudden shift of people’s behavior towards Mobile commerce (M-commerce).

Shift from Desktop to Mobile Shopping: According to eMarketer, m-commerce retail sales are estimated to reach $74 billion, up from 32% from last year. it is estimated that the total m-commerce sales could reach $149 billion by 2019. In the first 5 months of 2015, 3 out of 10 online purchases have been made on mobile devices (24% on phone & 6% on a tablet). Most shoppers said that they chose shopping with mobile devices owing to the convenience and mobility factor.

The one constant in a multi-channel world: Mobile Shopping: Shoppers these days have the option of using multiple channels and multiple devices during the buying process. They discover a product on one device, research on another and purchase on another. However, 73% people in the survey say that they have their mobile with them at all times.

Shift from big screens to small screens: A study has proven that people perceive their smart phone’s screens to be bigger than they actually are. Marketer, however, will have to solve certain issues that shoppers face during shopping on mobile vs shopping on laptops, like not being able to view all products clearly or compare several retailers at the same time.