dressbarn fashion ecommerce

Image Source: Forbes

Dressbarn part of Ascena retail group has a unique differentiation strategy, it sells occasion apparel at reasonable prices. Certain dates, seasons, and social settings demand for certain styles of clothing choices, which is where Dressbarn comes into picture. It offers sizes ranging from 4 to 24, which makes it easy for women to find sizes and styles appropriate for customer’s body type. It has been a tad behind to enter the eCommerce game but it is compensating by introducing a very special feature named Dressbar on its website and brick and mortar store. Dressbar features clothes designed in collaboration with buzzing designers.

Dressbarn’s mission is creating and selling something better, something special, something different. It aims at creating an aura of exclusivity through its mix of in-house designs and designs created through collaborations with designers. The brand started its journey 53 years ago by selling dresses, which are still the central product. Although they have started selling shoes and accessories in the latter years. Dressbarn is a brand focused on the masses, they believe style and fashion should not be confined to only luxury markets. The brand is using a very unique selling proposition with occasional clothing through the Dressbar section on the website. It provides informative content with entertainment to the consumers, whilst providing them with appropriate clothes for specific occasions.