The business idea of MorphCostumes, a fancy dress, and party fashion company came to its three founders after a couple of beers. Gregor Lawson, Fraser Smeaton, and Ali Smeaton were all Edinburgh graduates with successful corporate careers before their million dollar business took off.  Initially named Morphsuits, the idea for the business was born when a friend came to a get-together dressed in a Spandex suit which he bought on eBay. He became the center of attention wherever he went, be it parties or streets in Dublin, everyone wanted a picture with him.

The three founders bought similar suits off eBay but found the materials uncomfortable and the design flawed, which inspired them to sell an improved version of the suit. They found a manufacturer on Alibaba, the manufacturer that they still continue to use. MorphCostumes was an instant hit, it sold 200 suits in the initial 2 weeks, which prompted them to order another 2500. Sales skyrocketed during Haloween and the company went global in just a year with Facebook ads in Australia and the US. MorphCostumes which now has a turnover of £10m per year is managed by Fraser as a Chief Executive Officer, Gregor as the marketing director and Ali as the operations director, with an equal share in the company. MorphCostumes sells in 25 countries, has offices in Edinburgh and London and employs 29 people currently.