There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes at Instagram in the last few months as they have been preparing to make ads available to all kinds of businesses. It’s finally formal that advertisers can now run campaigns on Instagram. The company is also making ads available in more countries like Italy, Spain, Mexico, India and South Korea. Instagram has plans of a worldwide ad launch around the 30th of September. Backed by technology that leverages the best of Facebook’s infrastructure, the advertisers can target their audience based specifically on their are of interest like fashion, sports, cars or food. The advertisers will now be able to convey their messages more effectively and users will be able to shop directly from Instagram.

97% of Instagram ads have given a result of significant rise in ad recall, owing to their ability to inspire and move people. There have been quite a few success stories like Gilt Group who experienced a 85% rise in app installs and‘s who witnessed a 10% increase in order value by using Instagram ads. Instagram is also introducing more features like Landscape photo and video to give pictures a more dramatic feel, increased video time to 30 seconds. It is also introducing Marquee a premium feature that will allow reaching mass audiences in a short span of time and delivery & optimization tools for better management of performance.