Men’s underwear that was once known as ‘unmentionables’ and sold in the category of  ‘intimates’, is now a very important part of men’s fashion. Men didn’t spend much time, effort or money on their intimates. This is however before social media and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rafael Nadal made premium underwear a trend. Generic boxers and Jockeys bought in three packs are a thing of the past. Brands like Sunspel, Handvaerk, Hanro, Tani, Zimmerli, Naked, Under and Les Lunes, Calvin Klein are some of the 600 odd names in the market.

The prices range from $24.99 which are regarded as a premium to $470 which are a part of the luxury ranges. There are technological advances that are being used to design intimates to deodorize and adjust to body temperature. More and more men are buying intimates on their own instead of asking women to. Almost 75% of men are buying their own intimates as they are more comfortable being a part of the fashion equation. Image building is being taken very seriously and men’s underwear is as much a part of it as are socks, pants and shirts.