Rare birds of Fashion is a hilarious web video series directed by Lily Hayes Kaufman throwing light at self acceptance at any size and shape. It is comedy  series about a woman named Brenda (Jackie Zebrowski) an ambitious, stylish, independent plus sized woman from New York who is tired of being forced to shop unflattering clothes in stores which don’t carry plus size clothing due to lack of choices.  She is challenging the set norms of the fashion world by launching a plus size fashion line with her best friend Alix (Haley Rawson).

Rare birds is about the average American woman who is usually around a size 14, however she struggles to find trendy and stylish clothing of her choice, as most retail and couture brands cater to women falling in the size group 2 to 12. More and more women are using social media and the internet to voice their opinions against this size bias. Retail brands and investors are keenly listening too, which has given birth to brands like Melissa Mccarthy’s Seven7 and Target and H&M launching specialized lines for plus size women