soxy fashion ecommrceIt’s much easier for women to show their personal fashion style at work in comparison to men. Most men find solace in fashionable socks to show their personal style, owing to the dull dress code most offices have. Toronto based brand Soxy is minting a seven-figure revenue with their bright cheerful-patterned socks. The company owned by two brothers Boris Vaisman and Albert Vaisman includes prints like bright yellow with big red polka dots or hot pink with little blue mustache icons, 5 pairs of which are delivered to customers homes at a cost of $45. The idea to start the business came to them when they studied the sales data of their online store, which sold an entire men’s wardrobe, including sweaters and shirts. The data helped them understand that men are using these bright, fun socks with the same old suit to give a fashionable twist to their routine wardrobe. It allows them to express their personal style like no other piece of clothing. They generated a $50,000 revenue in the first six months of operation. The immediate and noteworthy initial success made them decide to manufacture their own socks instead of outsourcing them. The brothers used to find a manufacturer in South Korea, a space to store their stock through Shipwire and there has been no looking back.