Nike lab Adidas Originals Fashion EcommerceSports/Active wear brands are collaborating with creatives, fashion designers, celebrities etc and creating products that have the best of both the worlds; features of a sports product with creative and stylish designs. The result is fashion forward, limited edition products that attract a lot of momentum in sales. Adidas Originals and Nike Lab are two examples of this strategy that is bringing innovation and design to sports wear brands. The rise in the niche of Athliesure clothing (sport inspired daily wear) is also a major contributor for an increase in design studios working hand in hand with sports brands. The launch of these products are easily and organically done on social media where sports and fashion enthusiasts apply the official handles and hashtags to their posts and the campaign that started as a teaser by the sports brand goes viral. The Companies plan to collaborate with famous gyms in the future and leverage the loyalty of the regular gym goers to increase sales of their one of its kind and limited edition sports wear products. Read full article here.