It is that time of the year where customers start preparing for the holiday season. It typically starts with Thanksgiving and is the busiest, most prime shopping time of the year. The thing that sets apart this holiday season is that it has seen a huge soar in mobile shopping. Many people are preferring to shop from their mobile devices this year. Mobile traffic is 56.9 percent of the total traffic, up from 48.5 percent in 2014, according to IBM Watson.

The reasons behind the surge is that retailers are luring customers by improving mobile apps and offering coupons and deals on mobile shopping. The shopping experience has also been enhanced by the increased size of the smartphones. Another thing that is helping is Digital wallets and apps that let shoppers store payment information. Mobile sales will account for 35 percent of e-commerce this year, the convenience of mobile shopping, the ability to be able to shop on the go during the busy holiday period, has helped bring up mobile sales largely.