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How Fashion Retailers can Combat and Re-think Their Marketing Strategy in Covid-19

The past few weeks have somewhat been like a scene from a movie for us as humans. Life took a 360 degree turn when the novel Coronavirus was declared as a pandemic.

The online fashion retail stores including fashion e-commerce industry took a major hit due to this global pandemic but it was unprecedented. Many small businesses around the world are facing considerable issues and are looking for ways to overcome the challenges.

In a time where the world stands still and social distancing is key, we stay connected through a robust online commerce community. In this difficult time, it is important for us to protect and support small businesses in order to save the retail industry.

Here are a few technology companies that are helping small scale retailers during the COVID-19 outbreak

Facebook – On 17th March, Facebook announced that they will be offering $100-M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in the 30 countries where they operate to help overcome the coronavirus disaster. This money can really help small businesses to keep their workforce going strong, assist with operational costs (like rent), and will also allow them to focus on connecting with more customers.

Shopify – Shopify has also taken major steps to help support small businesses amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Shopify is now offering gift cards to free up cash flow for retailers. They are also offering local pickup and delivery services to Flatten the curve while getting products into the hands of customers. The local delivery option will only be visible to customers who live around that area. Shopify has also extended its regular 14-day trial to 90 days for retailers to either build a new online store or move it. This gives them enough time to restore their store on Shopify without having to worry about the plan. Here’s how you can setup e-Gift Card on Shopify

WooCommerce – WooCommerce has introduced a slack community to channel conversations allowing you and your team to easily stay current on what’s happening in your store with minimal effort.

Netgains – COVID-19 has pushed down sales for many online retail brands and while waiting, online retailers can utilize this time to help optimize their digital marketing and eCommerce strategy before the world goes back to being normal. If you have any plans for specific feature requests, modules or upgrades, this is the right time to achieve them. Hence we @ Netgains are offering a complimentary Digital Marketing audit for retailers to help them make use of these next few weeks to come out of this as a winner.

Privy – Privy a marketing company helps capture and convert website visitors into loyal customers. Amid the Covid-19 crisis, they have launched an ‘A Call To Shop Small’. It is a community of over 1700 small e-commerce stores. It is the world’s first marketplace for small eCommerce brands. To be included, simply submit your store here.

Lifesize – As many companies have no choice but to go remote, lifesize is a video conferencing tool that can really help any business to keep in touch with the team. Lifesize is now is offering free, unlimited video conferencing to all global businesses for six months.

Other Resources- There are companies like paywithfour and afterpay which are used by many retailers to help customers split their payments and pay in installments. Including these services on your e-commerce website can help customers buy more hesitantly especially if your products are priced higher. Retailers can also explore layaway options where customers can reserve an item and pay for it in installments usually over a duration of 60 days. Once the entire amount is received by the retailer, the product can be delivered to the customers.

Since there is a lot of uncertainty as to when and how this deadly virus will be contained, small businesses can take these small steps towards creating a robust business plan to combat COVID-19. Retailers will have to be creative as to how they want to place and market their products during and after this pandemic. Companies will have to rethink their every move considering that this virus will change the retail scene as a whole in the months to come.

To fight this, we all have to stay safe and strong and overcome this global pandemic together as one community.

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