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How to augment the exigent digital strategy for your brand

A lot of voices can be heard over having the right digital strategy. Even at this very moment, you are listening to the one, Right?

Digital marketing is no secret, but a strategy to rule over the digital world.

However, with digitalization, the perspective and traditional ways of how companies build their reputation and reach their customers have changed.

Online presence is not merely about having a website, rather it’s about reaching the right audience via different online channels.

Every organization, irrespective of their age, has jumped right into the pool of online marketing along with their counterparts. The vision of enhancing customer experience, reaching the potential customer, to name some, is still the same, just the approach has changed, i.e. digital.

Moreover, digital marketing is an ocean, the deeper you go, the more strategy it will show. Every category of marketing brings in a master of skills and strategies with themselves. In other words, what happens for ranking a website higher is very different from what happens in social media advertising.

Just like how a company steps into the market with a pre-defined strategy, which we call a corporate strategy, you need a substantial plan to embark on marketing.

But, hold back for a second! Ask yourself why do you need digital marketing before digging into digital strategy? Clearly, not because everyone is doing it, instead what statistics say.

According to statistics by Robert Allen on smart insights,

  • 5.1 billion people are active mobile users.
  • 4.38 billion people are active internet users.
  • 3.8 billion people are active on social media

digital around the world

And the above statistics is the answer to your question. When more than 50% of the total population is just a screen away why would you follow the traditional way of reaching them? Some of the experts call it tech-enabled change.

Streaming the sales pitch on the right screen would require a strategy, else it will fail in a couple of minutes. With billions of users, losing their attention won’t take more than 5 seconds.

So, it’s more a master game to halt the user’s eyes on your brand to enhance growth and sales.

For you, here are the hand-picked and well-researched 6 most crucial steps that a digital marketer should go for, to create a real impact on their business.

Acknowledge your goals while gauging the digital sway

“Cleanliness starts from your home,” right?

The irony is; the same can be applied in digital marketing too. In other words, before digging deeper into digital strategy, first, start analyzing your business vision.

Technology is changing radically and hence the business. Consequently, it has urged any organization to think through the impact on its brand, customers, and suppliers.

Without any goals or clearly defined ambition, you might not be able to figure out what successful marketing will look like, which might lead to spending fortune.

So, the first step towards a fair strategy is defining your goal, which means determining what you want to achieve from marketing acts.

For instance, as to how you want the audience to perceive you; as an online product seller, or a service provider? This should be the mission of your marketing team.

Consider if you run an online marketing teaching platform:

A weak strategy with no mission will look something like this: Two active campaigns to increase conversion rates on websites in the next one year.
On the contrary, a goal-oriented strategy would be: Increase the conversion rate by 20% in the first quarter and create two promotional campaigns; a free marketing report just like ubersuggest and a marketing book for website visitors.

On the whole, a key to a successful digital strategy is the openness to broader possibilities, flexibility, and risks that digital platforms bring.

Thus, the strategy you implement must return a measurable outcome i.e ROI and KPIs. Not to mention, these end results can be analyzed by using tools like Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, etc.

Elevate CX by astute audience scrutiny

Technology has not only changed the way we reach the customers, rather it has tailored the entire approach to run a business. Earlier, thinking about customer experience referred to an after-sale experience, however, that’s not how it works now.

The digital marketing trend says “Your marketing goals should align with how you want your customers to know that the brand and their experience are associated.”

So, put the audience at the core of your marketing strategy, serving their emotional needs and desires via well-established personas such as age, sex, and interests.

These personas will take us to the next section of defining the right audience.

Every business has a defined set of users, be it a product-based or service-based. You must have started your business keeping the audience in mind, basically the users. These are the potential customers you need to target using digital marketing. That is the only idea behind going digital, Right?

Let’s assume a cafe will have people aged 18 to 40 years as potential customers, which certainly will be a broader choice of audience. Narrow it down to food lovers, shoppers, food bloggers, and much more. Now, if you are clear with who you want to reach, it’s easier instead of reaching non-foodies or people of the below 18, which definitely will create a negative impact.

Hence, defining and refining your audiences is another key ingredient in your digital planning to give you good ROI and potential users.

Track macro and micro trends

“Trend is about finding the right course to swim with.”

The digital presence of all the organizations is the macro trend and running paid ads through different social media channels is a micro trend. In simpler words, the macro trends will consist of longer-term plans, and micro trends will have plans that will last merely 3 to 5 years.

For example:

You must have heard of E-A-T, an algorithm by google search engine. What is it? With E-A-T google makes sure a well informative content should rank higher.

As soon as Google became one of the most used platforms for increasing the rank of the website, it changed the course of ranking.

Earlier, only SEO was the main ingredient in the cookery books of ranking a website, later after E-A-T was introduced, it became one of the components with others.

Now at this point, you must be able to find out the macro and micro trends in the above example. Ranking a website is a longer plan, whereas E-A-T will stay for some years.

What decides these trends?

  • Customer needs, shifting, and emerging behaviors.
  • Keeping pace with emerging technologies that will shape the industry in the next few years. Currently, its Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Analyzing the competitors, both direct and indirect depending upon the industry you are into.

Hence, identifying the sequence of digital marketing will help you move onto the next step of planning, i.e., selecting the right channel for feeding information to your audience.

Leverage social media channels

People around the globe are addicted to social media channels in one way or the other, agree? It’s easier to find a social media app such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter in every second smartphone you grab.

And why not? It’s fun, informative, and entertaining. With AI coming into the place, taking the hands off the phone is harder than people think. As it feeds them the information based on what they have been doing on the internet for the whole time.

Do you know the current count of users around the world? It’s 3.6 billion, and the numbers forecast are to reach 4.41 billion by the end of 2025.

You must be enlightened by now; as, why to choose social media for marketing. It encompasses the largest number of the world’s population, rather than any other channel. We are social media marketing in fashion industry in the US.

When numbers are high, why not implement your marketing plan on the fly.

With so many options sitting in smartphones, it’s easier to reach the potential audience via these channels. But, the more the options, the more is the confusion.

The saying “quality is better than quantity” applies here too.

It means you don’t have to focus on every new channel to maximize your growth. Instead, select the channels where your audience persists. And this is where your knowledge of the right audience plays its part.

So, blend the marketing strategies with the right channel according to your audience, making the most impact.

Employ Automation

When you set your foot in the digital world to get the right results, you need to test certain things right from selecting channels to creatives, audiences, and many more. Think of the pain a marketer must be going through, to run these tests and perform activities manually.

Fortunately, automation has become a knight in shining armor, making it easier for them to plan beforehand and schedule the activities for a week, even a month. In turn, they can focus more on keeping their strategies updated.

Have you heard of scheduling a post on Facebook or mail on Gmail? You must have. It’s an addition to decimate human efforts while making things go live on time. This is a short scenario of automation marketing.

According to studies, the digital process automation market is forecasted to grow by 13.3% by 2023.

If you see, the automation market is going to be huge with the elevation in technology and new software such as Mailchimp, Snov, Publer.

Hence, the combination of technology and software can do wonders in the world of digital marketing from email marketing, lead generation, to content marketing.

The best part lies in the fact that the software could seamlessly be integrated with your organization’s sales CRM to track the sales process.

Entrust the analytics for end-data

If you fail to analyze the results, the further steps in marketing will become futile. It’s essential to keep an eye on how your current strategy is performing.

Performance data could be fetched by the tool that you will be leveraging for different types of Fashion Email Marketing Funnels such as Kaviyo/MailChimp, Facebook Ad Manager, Google Paid Ads.

Isn’t it fascinating that everything you need to know will be just a report away?

With tools like these, you can track the user behavior such as mail open rate, time of the opening the mail, click on your ads, pages visited on your website, etc. Hence, you can optimize your strategy based on the data-driven, which includes refined plans.

The best team would be from the field of data analytics, as everything is number, so are the results-driven. Ask your analytics experts to keep a checklist on:

  • KPI measurement and monitoring plan.
  • Mark out the things hampering in achieving KPIs.
  • Check the success of all the implemented plans, whether they give the results as expected.
  • Read the entire analysis reports, including personas and budget allocation.

Once the above criteria are met with the well-processed outcome report, revisit your strategy to align with the readings making it a more effective and data-driven plan.

Wrap up

Is your company’s name unique? Your marketing strategy should too.

Digital marketing is no rocket science, it’s about hitting the right point at the right time.

Begin your journey in the world of digital marketing with the primary objective of understanding the business growth goals and create a strategy to accelerate your sales. If you are successful in aligning your strategy with well-researched data, you are on the right track.

When you are ready to invest, be a smart investor, and make the best ROI by following the above-mentioned steps. Make sure what you are investing in, is not going in vain.

To get on the right track and execute the best strategy, contact an expert marketer or marketing agency that will influence your company and bottom line.

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