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How to utilize Marketing Automation to generate more leads for your business

The inclusion of the internet in human lives has transformed the way people live, work, and shop.

The contemporary mode of advertisement for the brands, however, is not an exception though!

Consequently, people have devised marketing automation for enticing their potential customers along with the incorporation of a few assuring sub-processes that together contribute to instigating more business leads.

The outcomes from the Pepper 2014 Marketing Automation Report, for example, has shown that 53% of the marketers were using the marketing automation back in the year 2014, which absolutely was anticipated to be boosted at a higher dimension in the future.

Have the numbers grown?
The acknowledgement from the associates in The State of Marketing Automation Survey 2019 by social media today is a perfect example for this, which declared that 75% of the marketers advocated that their business marketing strategy include automation tools and strategies.

The above-mentioned instances are quite evident as to how essential marketing automation is!
Hence, an overview in this regard is imperative, which is briefly explained in the subsequent sections.

What is Marketing Automation

fashion marketing automation

Marketing Automation isn’t any magic, rather a set of processes to be executed for the lead generation, which enables the brands to easily generate final sales.
The automation facilitates accomplishing the tasks repeatedly according to the directed schedules or customer behaviors.

But what makes Marketing Automation Strategy so assuring?

Well, the results hold the answer that the businesses have obtained so far, after encompassing the pre-programmed digital marketing strategy for their Fashion eCommerce Marketing Campaigns.

Lemme run you through a few rosy features of marketing automation:

Saves the employee cost

The inculcation of such marketing methods will surely make the manual workflow obsolete.
The precise analysis for this cost-saving is the higher effectiveness of the automated campaigns, and their respective achievement, based on the proposed guidelines, after closing the setting process.

Saves precious time

Automation is generally foreseen as a time-saving process.

email marketing saves time

Upon embarking on the marketing campaign, the marketer could solely concentrate on other important tasks while seeking positive results in the form of a comparable enriched volume of quality business leads.

Higher revenues

It is evident that an excellent marketing strategy is a solution to lure potential customers, and to convert them into final leads. Hence it promotes the profit scale of the business.

fashion email marketing

The improved earnings and the automation always go hand-in-hand…But how?
Simply, by facilitating the marketers to ascertain a more advanced form of automated campaigns, which as a result will produce more leads and will score more profits in the near future, as well.

Concrete contributing elements to obtain exceptional outcomes by leveraging the Automation Strategy:

1. The fusion of CRM and Automation

Deploying both the software together could aid in garnering excellent results.
This combination will not only assist in minimizing the overall costs but also will contribute to improving the efficacy of the complete marketing system.
As it is commonly seen that data management is a tedious task for any organization, the union of the CRM and marketing automation permits marketers to have their hands over the faster to analyze, easier to edit, and organized data.

Let’s comprehend this integration from a practical viewpoint. How?
Fundamentally, the combined marketing system will empower businesses to run skilled campaigns that would surely produce high-quality business leads.
Eventually, those leads could then be immediately assigned to the sales team while depreciating the need for manual workflows.

Now, once the sales team has the leads, lead management comes into play!

2. Lead Management

Once marketers garner a huge amount of leads, the main issue that almost every business faces are to fairly manage those leads.

Usually, the leads lead to scattering, leakage, and missed follow-ups of the quality leads.

Hence, an exceptional automated lead management system is a necessity, which despite maintaining the leads appropriately, could also perform the follow-up tasks to convert them into the final sales qualified leads.

It has been seen that the companies who automate their lead management system, encounter a 10% or more rise in their revenues within just 6 to 9 months.

Additionally, the lead scoring technique could render a sustained 77% increase in the lead generation ROI for the brand.

Simply, an algorithm to score each lead in the form of numeric, depending upon demographics, social engagement, and spam detection is known as the Lead Scoring System.

fashion email marketing roi

3. Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing has been one of the top marketing platforms to generate business leads.

However, due to the advancement, the brands are now veering towards the automated email marketing campaigns operable in accordance with the user’s action.

To illustrate, about 340 million triggered emails sent had concluded the email open and click rates for the triggered emails were 76.7% and 151.9% higher than business as usual (BAU) messages.

email marketing

You may anticipate how it provides favorable results!

But the real fact lies behind the automatic scheduling, personalization, and relevancy of the emails to the recipients.

Consequently, these emails are more likely to be opened and clicked by the users assisting in alluring traffic and profits to the brands.

Now, to concede the potential of email automation, let’s examine a typical scenario.

fashion email marketing

Commonly, a huge volume of traffic on your website defines their concern in the goods or services you are proposing.

Thus, they are the perfect ones, with whom the tentative communication should be initiated to make them buy, afterward.

The introductory offer for the email-list subscription tends to be the most satisfactory means to increase the possibilities for beginning the future conversation.

“Even a minute modification in your automation marketing strategies will render a notable variance in the total number of leads that you generate.

Now let assume they’ve subscribed to your email list; what’s next?

After subscription, leverage the email automation to influence their purchase by interlacing with the means of an engaging welcoming message encompassing a subscriber-only offer, as done by the Michaels.

The potential of the Welcome Email Funnels should not be ignored, as the Southbank has acquired the determined benefits in the form of a 3% rise in both average click through and the open rates.
Additionally, Southbank also has endured a notable reduction of 31% in their average email unsubscribe rate.

However, only 2% of the visitors accomplish a purchase on their first website visit.
So, how to captivate or redirect the rest 98%?

Let’s find out in the following section.


Since the process of procuring the target audience is quite challenging and anyone would want to persuade maximum sales quality leads among those leads. For this purpose, retargeting the audience has proven to be an excellent strategy for ingenious marketers to recapture the diverted traffic, back to their business websites.

The verdicts from the Chango study, for example, depict that 49% of Brands and 69% of Marketing Agencies normally allocate a definite budget for Retargeting.

Now, lets us examine how to make the best out of it?

The best-known tactic for producing leads out of the retargeting campaign is to segment the website visitors, and re-order the retargeting ads in accordance with their groups.

However, emphasize that different products demand an individual time-frame for retargeting. For example, people seeking travel items must be retargeted immediately, on the other hand, the audience looking for luxurious products could be retargeted later.

The results of the ReTargeter employed for the University of Florida MBA Program should be discussed. By retargeting their uncaptured prospective students, they were quite successful in attaining 3.3 million impressions at 0.31% average click-through rates with 59 closed leads in just two months.

For a fashion brand, building an effective re-targeting strategies (or re-thinking the existing retargeting campaigns/funnels) would lead to capturing lost sales and potential new customers.


When you own a business, you must be having confined time and resources for the tasks. Hence, the automation strategy for your marketing plans would be a lifesaver for your brand.

This excellent guide is more beneficial for marketers who already had a hard time garnering leads for their business. Consequently, execute the above-mentioned strategies to elevate your existing automation plan, and to stimulate impactful outcomes for your brands business growth.

Want to know more about Fashion Digital Marketing? Please contact us to see how marketing automation can help your brand.

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