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Interactive tool to understand fast-rising retail categories in Google Search

Hello everyone, as consumer behavior is changing rapidly and unpredictably amid the coronavirus pandemic. We are happy to let our customers know that now you can use an interactive tool (built by Google Trend’s Team) to understand fast-rising retail categories in Google Search, the locations where they’re growing, and the queries associated with them.

The data will be updated by Google daily to reflect changes in Search interests.

With Rising Retail Categories (click here to tool in action) retailers now can search the top product to make data-driven business decisions. (example below showing Fresh Cut Flowers categories and queries)



Please also check the additional insights resources:

  1. Market Finder
  2. Shopping Insight (only US)
  3. Google Trends

If you are new to Google Trends, please download this short training sessions download this online lesson to learn more about it.

Do take advantage of Rising Retail Categories keyword research tools that offers beneficial data on product search queries for selected brand marketers and small digital marketing in fashion businesses.

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