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Shops @ Facebook is finally here. How can online retailers benifit?

Facebook Shops (FShops ) is a new platform that’s recently rolled and you can use it to sell your products to people who follow your page on Facebook. The beauty of it is that an online retailer can also use FShops to market their products to people on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

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So you must be asking… Why now in the times of Covid19?

Well due to the fact that many brick-and-mortar stores are currently hurting for customers. So FShops is a great way for you to sell your products while still maintaining social distancing

Now how to Create a Facebook Shop?
Its very simple to set up your own Shop. Please follow the 3 steps process below. Once you do, people in your market can visit your online storefront where they’ll learn more about your business and browse through your catalog. Oh, yeah and they can also purchase your products right there. Customers don’t even have to leave the Facebook Shops platform.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and look for “Shops” on left menu

facebook shops how to

Step 2: Click on the steps as mentioned below (Choose terms, select Checkout method, select your default store currency)

facebook shops terms

facebook shops chooose store

Step 3: You are all set

facebook shops final

Great all set!

Now your Shop will appear on Facebook and Instagram and very soon, people will also see it on WhatsApp and Messenger too. Further good news is that Facebook Shops integrates with well-known ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Cafe24, and BigCommerce.

What’s Next?
Facebook team is also lauching apps to make it even easier for you to sell products. Some of the top features which will be launching soon:
– Dedicated shopping tab on Instagram.
– FB will be adding destination inside Explore so customers can learn about and purchase your products.
– Live shopping which will allow people can shop at your e-store in real-time.
– Augmented reality to optimize the shopping experience for your customers.

To know more about and also to help grow your online retail store via Facebook Digital Marketing please reach out to us for a FREE consultation.

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