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 We’ve been a fan of IFCHIC for a long time, and when the good guys from Fremont asked us to do their marketing, it was a dream job. Fusing a thirst for contemporary apparel and inspired tales, ifchic wanted to grow its brand and refine it across all touch points. We worked with IFCHIC to build brand awareness and engagement around their monthly shopping event through Influencer Marketing.

We worked with IFCHIC to better message #ifchic24, their monthly shopping event
We also worked with IFCHIC to help them with their UI/UX and overall brand messaging
IFCHIC is a curated fashion marketplace featuring luxury designers from around the world
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Veronica from Lombardandfifth.com is one of the hundreds of influencers we outreached and managed for IFCHIC
We worked with influencers from around the world to engage in IFCHIC24 and share their stories