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 Amazon Marketplace Case Study – How we grew the Sales of an Organic Beauty Brand and went from Zero to $44k in 6 Months


We were contacted by an organic beauty brand (we can’t disclose brand name because of our disclosure agreement with them) to help them establish Amazon ( and as another sales channel. Our goal with the client was straightforward, generate sales and achieve a positive ROI in less than 2 months, for which we had to get the products rank for some of the most keyword phrases, using both organic and paid strategies. To do which, we needed to improve the sales velocity, build a positive sales history, and achieve a higher conversion rate by writing compelling product descriptions.


The biggest challenge we faced with this Fashion Ad Marketing Campaigns was dealing with high competition, as we were competing with much bigger and established beauty brands. Secondly, because we were starting from scratch, with no brand awareness. They had a tiny customer base and no reviews.

How we did it?

We started by giving ourselves a 6 weeks deadline to achieve a positive ROI of 2x. The surest and fastest way we could do that was:

  • To write compelling product descriptions
  • To use paid ads (Amazon, Adwords & Facebook) to generate immediate sales
  • Aggressively email follow-up with customers to leave reviews
  • Giveaway campaigns to build a seed customer base
  • We also created a product promotion in Amazon Seller Central
  • We listed our promotion (and product codes) on the deal site
  • We mostly used the automatic campaign to let Amazon’s AI help us find a broader set of keyword phrases. After running the campaign for 2 weeks, we had enough data to identify the keywords with the highest conversion rate and lowest cost per click.
  • After we had enough data to play, we shifted to manual campaign management, to take the campaign to the next level.

While we were running the campaign, we were constantly tracking the product rankings using Splitly – an Amazon product ranking tracker and Algorithmic Split Testing tool.

Furthermore, our Fashion eCommerce Marketing efforts were generously backed by the client who left no stone unturned to delight their customers, to achieve a high conversion rate in terms of customers coming back to leave positive reviews.

Final Results   

Below is the screenshot showing how we built a solid foundation for a million dollar Amazon store, as we generated a revenue of $44,000 in the first 6 months, starting from scratch.

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