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Fashion Social Media Marketing Agency Services

Social Media Channel Marketing (SMM) – We build fashion brand awareness & social proof using social media.

Social Media Marketing for Online Fashion Clothing Retail Stores

We are a Top Social Media Marketing in the US Fashion Industry. The objective of our social media marketing services will be to build brand awareness and social proof using social media across various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

We will take over your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube accounts and publish content to build a want in your followers to purchase from you. Our strength lies in our ability to come-up with creative campaign ideas. We can also help you work with bloggers and youtubers to generate user generated content.

As part of this service, we will create and publish daily posts on your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube with an objective to engage them with your social media followers.

Our Fashion Social Media Management (SMM) scope of services includes:

  • Set-up and Social media identity: We will create necessary guidelines for content creation including font usage, bio picture, cover image, bio-text, logo usage, color palette, typography, etc
  • Post ideation: We will come up with relevant ideas for each month, one more in advance and get your approval
  • Content production: We will produce content in the form of image posts, short videos, and stories
  • Fashion Copywriting: We will write relevant captions for each post
  • Content calendar: We will create a calendar with the exact date and time of when every posts goes live on Social Media. We will create all the content, and schedule it one month in advance (you will get to approve all the content and calendar)
  • Engagement: We will respond to comments, and messages received on social media

As your Fashion Social Media Marketing Agency, we will ensure your social media channels stickiness is maintained and your social followers are constantly engaging and increasing month on month.

We help Social Media Marketing for Online Clothing Retail stores to increase your Fashion brand’s social media engagements to grow your digital business.

Let us help manage your Social Media Channels (SMM) of your Fashion Label

  1. Contact us, and share your social media channels URLs.
  2. We’ll analyze your existing social channels, build an improved strategy and remove any shortcomings or roadblocks.
  3. We will ensure your social engagements increase and will also share insights/statistics each month in a detailed report by our account manager.