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Enable UGC (User Generated Content) marketing for your Fashion Brand, Today!

Undoubtedly, creating enticing content has been a feasible aspect for the fashion brand to drive in more organic traffic. Apart from the ad campaigns, the right content could open up ventures for the brand to meet new audiences at a minimal cost.

Yet, a whopping 50% and 52% B2B and B2C marketers find it challenging to produce engaging content.

UGC User Generated Content fashion

Also, if ever questioned by an Fashion eCommerce Marketing store owner to list a number of pain points, three things would be on the top of everyone’s pain list:

  • Products returns
  • Customer retention
  • Conversion optimization

However, what if there is an apparent solution to resolve all these difficulties?

And that it is not a difficult nor expensive solution?

Indeed there is a perfect solution.

We all are familiar with the positive effect of using photos and videos on eCommerce websites. 

And we are all hardwired for the content that contains visuals, which can capture over 94 percent more views than any other content type. 

Of all the social media channels Instagram, the most commonly preferred channel has become a sort of natural habitat for the brands to execute successful marketing tactics.

But why natural?

Simply because it is visual Social Media in Fashion Industry is all about gaining user attention via enticing formats such as photos, videos, or the latest story composition.

How do they succeed in engaging the audience?

The answer lies behind the top-secret tactic that we are about to walk through in the article.

How to leverage UGC (User Generated content)

UGC denotes an abbreviation for User Generated Content. It is a methodology that has continued with the engagement strategies that companies ingest with several hashtag campaigns.

To put it simply, User-generated content (UGC) is any kind of content produced by the contributors (customers) without any reward in return. UGC could be in any form including:

  • Simple text, like reviews and testimonials 
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Forum posts
  • Blogs

“UGC extends to boost conversions for fashion brands for one precise reason: Trust”


BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey states that 84% of people trust online reviews just as they trust a recommendation from a known, and 74% of people assume positive reviews as a trust-building factor for a business.

That trust is the prime reason for user-generated content to be more effective for fashion brands.

Social User Generated Content

Having your customers and fans sharing photos and videos on social media, featuring your brand ought to be the perfect ingredient to fill the gap between the loyal fans, and the doubtful visitors who abandon the checkout page at the last moment.

Moreover, this genuine content can direct users, who have never heard of your brand, to your website and could assist in saving the annual cost of $72,000 for a dedicated content producer.

UGC content by a fashion brand CLUSE is a paragon for this.


Instagram cluse User Generated Content


The best practice is to engage with the users sharing your brand images and videos and use that content on your eCommerce store.

Infuse customers’ images and videos in your eCommerce Website

Every eCommerce website’s product page reaps benefits from high-quality images. Based on the prior case studies, VMO suggests that choosing the right images could elevate the conversion by 40%.

Well, there are various ways you can utilize UGC content on your eCommerce store.

Take the watch brand CLUSE for example, which has precisely integrated UGC content in their LookBook section, where users could run through the content to choose their favorite look. 


Lookbook User Generated Contentinstagram post User Generated Content


Upon clicking their favorite look, the user will direct towards the page with a direct buying link.


Clothing & Fashion User Generated Content


CLUSE gathered user-generated images and videos and has experienced an increase of 19% conversion rate by blending UGC content from their social media into their online shopping store.

Another perfect utilization of the UGC content can be seen by the renowned sunglasses brand Meller. They have integrated UGC content into different product pages, which assists the buyers to picture how people wear sunglasses with clothing and other accessories.


instagram product details User Generated Content


Whenever the website visitor clicks on the UGC image, the image expands and has a BUY button. This urges the buyer to buy without getting distracted. 

Photos with your branded hashtag

UGC content can be used with the introduction of hashtags by Instagram. 

Fashion brands have first adopted this strategy while they were experimenting with ways to improve engagements and segment their audience based on the hashtags.

Such activities endeavored at drawing the brands closer to the customers and enhancing more personalization for each of their segments.

Thus, hashtags have been proven exceptional to this extent and fashion brands have quickly inherited it, as well.

For example, branded hashtags, such as #aldo, several fashion brands have run various campaigns for different objectives by urging their customers to post a picture and use the branded hashtag to participate in the contest or show admiration for their loved brand.


instagram ALDO User Generated Content


What makes the UGC content so effective?

Social Proof

Although, online products offer a convenient and cost-effective means to the customers for acquiring their favorite products, yet online retail creates a void, with customers unable to fully picture the benefits, features, and quality of the products.

However, by providing social proof and information, UGC could fill this gap, which the viewers are constrained to validate before purchasing an online product. 

Effective instagram User Generated Content


Social proof is the concept to enable people to follow the actions of others. And it works because seeing products or services being utilized by real customers provides external validation in the minds of potential consumers.

As mentioned above, encompassing customer photos in the product pages is another recent trend by e-commerce brands to help enhance the engagements and facilitate the visitors with an extra little push for their buying decision.

Social proof empowers businesses to consolidate the customer’s voice into their marketing messages to build brand confidence with prospective consumers.

Increased Conversions 

Customer purchasing fear is the main causing element for cart abandonment, which accounts for myriad losses of $18 Billion in Sales Revenue each year for the brands. 

Hence, integrating and promoting UGC is a cost-effective way of procuring customers’ trust, which consequently could result in a huge increase of 74% in product conversions.

Enable prospects to see what a product really looks like

iz&co is an eCommerce store for unique jewelry, and they share many photos on Instagram, like these:

Fashion Web Design Agency London

Given the fact that such photos are creative and assist them to build a strong brand, yet they are unable to represent what the jewelry looks like when worn.

So, to serve the purpose, they share lots of UGC on their Instagram account.

|Look at the customer photo below, they’ve used to showcase a ring that they have sold, and are proud of:


Instagram izandco User Generated Content


Certainly, the picture precisely helps prospects to understand what the jewelry actually looks like when worn.

Better SEO and more traffic

The brands will experience more traffic as more followers will be growing on the list and will follow your bio link to your website as a result of your UGC campaign goals.

Additionally, UGC on your websites in the form of customer testimonials comprising your business keywords and key-phrases will actually improve the SEO of your website.

And your brand could have a chance to attain reviews star snippets in Google search results with the inclusion of schema codes. Consequently, it will enhance the click-through rates and hence increase traffic to your website.

The interesting content will entice the customers to spend more time on your website, resulting in a decreased bounce rate.

Free Organic Content and Social Following

Fashion brands have to allocate a huge budget, time, and effort for valuable content creation including the cost of hiring professionals, fashion photographers, locations, etc.

Hence, the easiest and the best way to decimate the monetary burden is to utilize UGC for your brand marketing. You can advertise UGC across your social media channels, utilize it for PPC advertisements, blogs, newsletters, or even your product catalogs.

Furthermore, it is evident that a strong social following is absolutely essential for boosting sales. 

And UGC is one of the most effective methods to grow your social following and build a community of followers to share, like, and purchase your brand products. Your fans will be your brand ambassadors and will benefit to pull in a larger amount of traffic.

Wrapping up

UGC campaigns offer companies a radical way to reach consumers across digital platforms. Therefore, if you own an eCommerce store and you’re not leveraging UGC to promote your brand, now is the time to begin.

However, for the brands getting started on their first few campaigns, diving into UGC could feel daunting.

The right approach and strategy enable eCommerce fashion brands to engage their customers with an unparalleled sense of authenticity. Doing this will assist companies to drive deepened consumers’ attention, with positive business outcomes.

For newcomers, employing UGC not only will enhance their conversion rates but also they’ll be able to build strong brand awareness and enduring connection with their customers in a way that sets up their business for long-term success.

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