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How to make your Audience Engage with your Social Content?

Many e-commerce brands see Social merely as a distribution channel. They create & publish content at one place and then they distribute it across all their social channels, hoping that it will travel and people will engage.

Guess what, I stumbled upon this article from Addthis, which is a provider of one of the most popular social media widgets for content sharing. So they obviously have all the data about what people share and where.

I have pasted the picture from the post below:

Addthis shares its data on best data on each social channel

The above image illustrates what content creates more engagement on which channel.

  • Facebook – Quizzes, heartwarming/inspirational stories, and entertainment news
  • Twitter – Business and breaking news.
  • Pinterest – Recipes, fashion trends, outdoor projects, home improvement tips, DIY
  • LinkedIn – Industry news about technology, the environment, and real estate.
  • Google + – Deals, coupons, celebrity news, and sports articles
  • Tumblr – I would like to add Tumblr to this list because we see how crazy people on Tumblr are about Gifs.

But this is not how many retailers use Social. They create content about something, publish on their blog and then share the URL of that page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr..everywhere with some well-researched hashtags.  But this type of content distribution doesn’t create the kind of engagement that you would expect.

Doesn’t matter how good that content is, how well you’ve timed it or how well you target it, if the context is not right, it won’t fly.

Just think about it this way – maybe you’re blaming your content for poor engagement but the problem might be with the context.

To be able to create customer engagements on social media, you need content plus context. Not one of them but both of them. It’s the context why a GIFs produces far more likes and reblogs than what it produces when it’s shared on Facebook.

Next time when you’re working with your team on creating a social media content strategy, try to understand the psychology of why people are where they are at that time. Know where are the eyes and ears of your customers are. And once you know that, you can then give them audio and visuals according to their unique mindset on each channel.

And once you keep the context in mind, you will be forced to share content in a way that a human being would share it. And if you’re pushing your content like an ad, just remember that we humans have become excellent at filtering out anything that looks like an advertisement and only pay attention to what looks like a value.

For instance, I have seen how many retailers share a TGIF quote image on their Facebook page with a brand logo on it. Stop trying to find a business agenda in everything that you post on Facebook. You will get a chance tomorrow to pitch, but for now – share with a genuine intention to deliver value.

Again, by value – I mean right content, right context, and right intention. And the best part is publishing on social media isthat it’s free. Give them so much value today that they start to feel obligated to buy from you when you pitch them tomorrow.

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