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Wholesale Fashion Clothing Suppliers – The Ultimate List: Take Your Fashion Retail Business to the next level!

Planning to start clothing dropshipping online? Considering fashion, necessity, and demand, the clothing business is a timely decision.

But what’s more important is to have your online store run smoothly. For that, you need a b2b wholesale clothing supplier for your online retail store.

In this article, we are covering the 10 best wholesale clothing suppliers for 2023.
Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What are Wholesale Clothing Suppliers?

Wholesale clothing supplies sell large amounts of products to online store owners or retailers at a comparatively lower price than the market. Considering the process of wholesale clothing can be divided into 3 categories. Those are-

  1. Merchant Wholesalers
  2. Brokers or Agents
  3. Manufacturer’s Sales and Distribution

Let’s have an overview of them.

Merchant Wholesalers

Merchant wholesalers are also called importers, exporters, supply houses, industrial distributors, etc. This type of wholesaler isn’t the manufacturer.

Generally, they purchase clothing products in high volume, store them, sell them in large quantities, or divide those into small to resell each section based on the retailers’ industry.

Brokers or Agents

This type of wholesale supplier is generally a person who works as an intermediary or negotiator between the product seller and the retailer.

Meaning brokers neither own the products nor sell them. Rather it helps the retailers find the source from where they can buy it.

In exchange for that, he receives a commission for each transaction. For that reason, brokers are also called commission merchants.

Manufacturer’s Sales & Distribution

This is the wholesaling process of manufacturers; they can hire people and establish a separate office to sell and distribute their products.

The process is helpful for wholesalers as they don’t have to find manufacturers. Rather manufacturers will find wholesalers to work for them.

Quality Over Quantity: Discover the Best 10 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Your Retail Business

Among numerous bulk wholesale clothing suppliers, we have made a list of 10 suppliers based on their business, way of processing, and reputation. Let’s know about them.

1. Tasha Apparel Review 

The first one is a US-based largest clothing wholesale supplier for boutiques. Since 2005, it has been selling high-quality and trendy products at a reasonable price.

As a wholesale supplier of women’s clothing, the clothing products it sells include women’s dresses, tops, shirts, leggings, skirts, and a lot of other items, even for the plus size. They also sell accessories and jewelry of bohemian, missy styles, etc.

Pros Cons 
  • Stores hundreds of products styles, & premium products 
  • Allows providing samples, small and large bundles of 3 items 
  • Allows bulk discount, shipping time, and ways variations
  • Has no minimum order and fulfills orders placed before noon PST within a day 
  • Doesn’t accept returns without prior approval 

2. LA Showroom Review 

LA Showroom is not just a wholesale distributor of clothing but a vast b2b clothing wholesale platform. Simply put, it is a one-stop shop where manufacturers, designers, and distributors collaborate with buyers. Its products range from clothing products to accessories. 

Retailers who want to do business with them have to register first to become members. Once they are verified, they gain access to the LA Showroom and receive the latest resources and customer services.  

Pros Cons 
  • Offers top-notch customer service 
  • Allows vendors to promote & sell products 
  • Permits retailers to access numerous showrooms 
  • Lengthy verification process 

3. Sugarlips Review 

Next on our list is another wholesale supplier of women’s clothing, Sugarlips. It offers high-quality women’s clothing at an affordable price.  The products it offers are trendy, fashionable, and must-have styles.  

Sugerlips started its journey with sweaters. And after years, it is now a brand of one of the most reliable and largest providers of seamless clothing in the US. Their products are now available at Dillard’s, Bloomingdale’s Nordstrom’s Hudson’s Bay-like department stores. 

Pros Cons 
  • Offers free shipping over $49 within the US contiguous 
  • Shipping through USPS first-class packaging or DHL Express 
  • Offers services worldwide 
  • Importers of other countries have to carry all the import fees. 

4. Hailey & Co Review 

Hailey & Co is a wholesale supplier that is equipped with a women’s clothing collection. Starting as a family business, it is now known for popular color trends and varieties, ranging from casual and classic to stylish for women. It describes its products as contemporary and stylish. 

It offers products for women of all categories, such as casual loungewear, outwear, or stylish dresses of the latest trends. It has a flow line production from designing to finalizing with QC. It maintains quality products and offers a sizing chart for retailers. 

Pros Cons 
  • A wide range of products are available, from regular size to plus size 
  • Allows real-time communication 
  • Has a simple process for wholesaling products 
  • Not all sales are refundable 

5. Bloom Wholesale Review 

Bloom Wholesale is based in the LA fashion district. This is a wholesale clothing distributor for boutiques of women’s clothing. It offers products for women of average size and plus size, which it purchases directly from LA manufacturers & designers.

It offers products of unmatched quality and ensures seamless customer service for retailers who sell clothing products that are always on trend. It updates its inventory frequently. 

Pros Cons 
  • Offers a sizing guideline 
  • Doesn’t have minimum orders 
  • Offers off-price and allows refunds 
  • Offers custom support for delivery, even dropshipping
  • Pricing costs are high for retailers of Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & Puerto Rico

6. New Yorker’s Apparel Review 

Looking for women’s clothing product suppliers for special occasions? Here, New Yorker’s Apparel, an LA-based apparel wholesale supplier that has stored gorgeous clothes for festivals, programs, functions, etc. 

Its business journey is of over 40 years, and it specializes in women’s fashion clothing. Apart from that, it offers regular products, such as contemporary casual wear, business attire, and evening wear for women. 

  • Offers sizing guidelines & competitive pricing 
  • Offers wholesaling attires for different occasions
  • High-quality products, delivered in manufacturer’s packaging 
  • Products shipped through FedEx 
  • Doesn’t offer flat-rate shipping 

7. JODLIFL Review 

JODIFL is an LA-based wholesale supplier of young women’s clothing. With a team of experienced members, who have 15 years of experience, it started its journey in 2014. The supplier aims to provide retailers with quality goods at a reasonable price.

It prioritizes customer satisfaction to the fullest. Therefore, in every deal with the customers, JODIFL ensures prompt and generous customer service so that the buyers can have a positive and comfortable journey. 

Pros Cons 
  • Offers high-quality products of contemporary styles  & variations 
  • Maintains affordable pricing  & offers sizing guidelines
  • Shipping orders proceed through UPS 
Doesn’t allow payment methods other than VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover  

8. Chase USA International Review 

Last on our list is Chase USA International from California. It is a manufacturer and supplier of clothes for all ages people, younger to adults, girls and boys clothing. It aims to offer high-quality products at the customer’s best price. 

They offer a wide range of goods, such as outerwear, undergarments, and socks of unmatched quality at a competitive price. They supply products in clothing retail stores, boutiques, swap meet stores, etc. 

Pros Cons 
  • The minimum order starts at 12 units 
  • Secure shipping via UPS ground 
  • Has an age restriction of 18 years 
  • Postal delays aren’t included in the supplier’s delay 

9. Alanic Review 

Looking for activewear? Alanic has the largest marathon clothes manufacturer in the US, Marathon by Alanic, for you. It has become a one-stop solution for not only activewear distributors but also for runners of stage races, half marathons, triathlons, etc. 

Alanic’s products are fit for every type of marathon. Those are premium apparel clothing of unmatched quality, which made Alanic reliable enough for over 2000 brands to do business with it. 

Pros Cons 
  • Supplies products globally & fast 
  • Advanced technology materials 
  • Affordable pricing (no hidden fees)  
  • Costing can change even for the project in the process due to the fluctuation in market costs 

10. Stylepick Review 

Style pick is another fast-growing clothing wholesale distributor, a b2b e-commerce platform for trendy fashion clothing manufacturers and women’s clothing wholesale vendors. 

Here, new vendors can display their products to thousands of buyers. Also, with an aim to increase the efficiency of both the vendor and buyer, it offers a solution of a full-service custom website. 

Pros Cons 
  • Offers reasonable pricing and quality products 
  • Have their activities expanded globally 
  • Connects vendors and retailers in a single platform 
  • Vendors approval is needed for product returns  

9 Things to Consider While Choosing Wholesale Fashion Clothing Suppliers 

Online clothing store owners face a lot of issues like product delivery deadline miss, delivering low-quality products, and lacking in serving customers properly with their suppliers. 

Finding a reliable business partner reduces costs, mismanagement issues, and stress. Therefore it is crucial to consider some factors before choosing one. 

On that note, here are some considerations for analyzing and choosing a wholesale clothing supplier for your online store. 

1. Reputation 

It is better to stick with the reputed wholesalers, as they are reputed for a good reason. They might have experience in b2b clothing wholesale supplying or be promising and reliable in working with their retailers. 

In such cases, dealing with a reputed wholesaler might cost more than your budget, but it’s worth it. 

2. Communication 

The next factors you need to consider are being active in communication and responsiveness. 

If you have a couple of options for wholesale clothing suppliers, you will definitely communicate with them. Ask for how they work, for a sample, delivery time, product quality, and other retailers they have been working with. 

Knowing these will answer your confusion and help you understand their way of communication. 

3. Location 

Product suppliers’ location is one of the essential factors. Knowing the suppliers’ location helps you calculate the following- 

  • Product transportation options 
  • Transportation costings
  • Time to store products in your inventory

Then, you can choose a wholesaler from the nearest location or someone to import your product from a different country. 

4. Cost and Pricing 

If everything goes right, now it’s time to consider the money matter. Know the answers to the following questions: 

  • How much is the pricing for a bulk product for a certain time?  
  • Are the tax and additional fees included in it? 
  • Will the wholesale clothing supplier deliver it to your location? If so, will they bear the cost? 
  • How will the compensation process work for delayed product delivery or damage for any unforeseeable issues? 

Having these questions answered might help you decide if this supplier is the one you should be working with. 

5. Quality 

The next one is to find the quality of the products you will be selling. You don’t want the customers to go away and leave you bad comments just for some compromising quality products, right? 

Therefore, ask the wholesale supplier to send you a sample and check firsthand. After you are happy with the clothing product quality, you can proceed. 

6. Reliability 

Whenever you need to restock or if there is any issue with your product, you have to rely on your wholesale supplier. 

So, ensure your wholesale supplier is a reliable one. Not only in regular activities but also in case of emergencies. 

Then again, reliability can’t be understood unless you have worked with them. For that, have a backup plan prepared. 

So, if you find your current supplier isn’t reliable for your long-term journey, it’s better to part ways.

7. Customer Service 

You will be a customer of a wholesaler. So, you need to have a backup if any issues happen with the supplying products, and that’s where customer service steps in. 

Experience in customer service comes through dealing with them. However, you can still have an idea through some of their actions. 

For example, check out how responsive and communicative they are with you, and search for reviews of their other retailers. 

8. Brand Ethics  

Like every business, wholesale clothing suppliers do have their brand ethics on. 

As mentioned earlier wholesale suppliers can either sell products of several manufacturers or can work like an agent of single manufacturers. 

Either way, they have their ethics intact. Read their privacy policy, terms and conditions, and return policy to understand their way of working and the regulations they follow. 

Certainly, you will have a pretty good understanding of that. 

9. Return Policy and Damaged Goods 

Even after everything has worked out, you might want to know how their return process works. 

Many suppliers make a scene with their supplying products, which becomes a disaster for the retailer, especially for the start-ups. 

When the products are not in pristine condition, and the supplier is at fault, you are to get a return or receive a refund. Therefore, make sure your supplier is on the same page regarding things like this. 


Tips for Working With Wholesale Clothing Suppliers 

To make happy customers and businesses run long, you need seamless product supply. And for that, you need to stay on the right foot. 

How can you do that? 

Well, to assist you in this matter, here we have listed a few tips for working with your wholesale clothing suppliers. 

Here we go. 

Be Specific with Requirements 

What your clothing product is about and the specifications you have for that need to be clear from the beginning. 

If you are selling custom products, your supplier has to follow that. 

At times, many suppliers might approach you with products that resemble yours. In that case, you have to make a compromise with your products. 

Don’t do that. Stay grounded with your brand’s uniqueness and your products’ specifications. 

Use Tools to Upscale Business 

While dealing with your supplier, you have to communicate, organize your store, have suppliers’ information, transaction details, and many more. 

Doing all these one by one will definitely cost you time, energy, and resources. What you can do is rely on the invention of technology. 

There is a wide range of tools that allows you to do all of that even more. For example, inventory management tools. 

These tools automate the whole process for you, making your retailing process easier to manage. 

Maintain Professionalism in Deals 

These go both ways. As you are a client of a wholesale clothing supplier, you will want to have the best deal, behavior, and experience. So do they. 

So, make sure to maintain your professionalism throughout the deal. You are buying a service from them. They have a lot of customers like you, so you have to respect their time and effort as well. For example, 

  • Be patient when you are dealing with a supplier from a different time zone. 
  • Heed their business culture. You might be strict about some factors, but they might have their own. 
  • Be clear on payments. It includes tax & vat, currency, methods, etc.  

Have a Plan B Prepared 

Uncertainties know no bound. Shipping delays or product damage during transportation or weather- situations like these are normal to happen. 

Be smart enough to plan in advance. For example, don’t wait for the last-minute call. order before your last slot is about to disperse. 

Having alternative solutions ready for such cases will greatly save you from some difficult situations. 

Work on Strengthening Relationships 

This is about your off-work activities that will aid during on-work. Try strengthening relationships with your suppliers. Invite them to join you for your meetings, wish them on festival days, etc. 

Activities like these will help form long-lasting and beneficial relationships for both.  You will receive quality products on time, and they will have a good deal. 


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