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Why you Shouldn’t Invest in Videos too early in your Ecommerce Business?

Fashion is inherently a business that demands use of inspiring visuals to secure mindshare of your customers. People tend to judge and build a relationship with brands based on the visuals these brands feed them.  And thus, Fashion brands have to make a steep investment in this part of their business.

For example, Freepeople hired TheMill & SwellNY to create this video presenting their Boho & Indie clothing in the form of a short film.

The video is awesome and I bet it does help in building an emotional relationship between Freepeople and its customers. But as much as I love Free People because of their editorial work, I believe videos like this one can ‘brainwash’ many Emerging Online Fashion Brands into investing in such expensive visuals. 

Videos for Start-ups are overrated. If you’re Start-up business, there are more effective ways to invest in increasing the perceived value of your brand. There is no point in cutting your marketing budget from things that cost less and give a better ROI, for example:

  • Hiring a better production team for better product pictures, like – Photographer, Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, Fashion Stylists etc.
  • Hiring a great copywriter to write great product descriptions and editorial content for your website and social media
  • Hiring a great graphic designer to create inspiring illustrations, Gifs, Banners, Email Designs etc.

You can even invest that money on yourself, on traveling, participating in shows, meeting new people and doing things that result in stories. Investing on the above visual aspects of your brand can have a direct impact on your product sales. Only when you have optimally invested in the basic visual aspect of your business (mentioned above), can you invest in these Flashy Fashion Videos?

You see, who is doing such videos? It’s only the established fashion brands. They do it because they have the resources for it and moreover their marketing objectives are different from someone who is still a start-up.

Having said that, I am not saying Fashion Start-ups shouldn’t go for videos at all. I am just not in favor of start-ups hiring expensive creative agencies and commit to big-budget video production. There are ways to get this done without spending a fortune. We will talk about ways to shoot fashion videos for less in our coming posts. Stay tuned!

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