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How to use Video Marketing to promote your Kids Wear Fashion Brand?

Video contents are the most engaging type of social content. Statistics say that videos are 12 times more successful in sharing than other content. 

So, if you are planning to use video for fashion product marketing, this guide will walk you through it. Please note, these details are not limited to kids wear but can also be useful for others as well.

We will discuss 10 effective ways of marketing kids wear fashion brands.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.


What is Fashion Video Marketing? 

Fashion video marketing is when fashion products are promoted before the audience through a video marketing process intending to increase customer engagement and interaction. 

Fashion videos have become an attention-grabbing method as a medium of connecting fashion brands, fashionistas, and fashion product customers. 


Why is Video Important for Kids wear Fashion Brands? 

Video marketing is way more popular in bringing success. With videos, you can demonstrate facts, statistics, the latest trends, stories, and whatnot. 

There are a lot of reasons which made video one of the most acceptable forms of marketing for a fashion brand. 

So, if you are yet to create fashion marketing videos for your brand, here are the reasons why you should give them a shot. 

I. Improve Brand Awareness 

Videos are an impressive medium to increase brand awareness. You can introduce your brand, reveal the story behind the establishment, the number of employees, behind the scene of procedures, etc. 

Such videos help create an emotional attachment among the viewers, build trust in them, and upon conversion, they tend to be loyal clientele. 

II. Catches Customer’s Attention 

Too many options are available on the internet, and it’s getting difficult to capture the attention of the targeted audience. 

Still amidst this, videos have proven to grab more viewers’ attention than static text or images. 

The motions or movements are way more interesting to the human eye than static images, so naturally, if your kidswear fashion brand has a video and an image juxtaposition, the video’s response might surprise you. 

III. Increase Customers Engagement 

Videos are like teamwork of elements like subjects, texts, sound, backgrounds, etc. When all these are put together before the viewers, it delivers a message, draws a scenario, or evokes emotions.  

So, when a video is published, it not only attracts people but also engages more audiences, resulting in building connections. 

IV. Increase Buying Intent 

According to a statistic, a brand’s video convinces 84% of people to buy products/services. 

That means videos have the power to convert prospects into a purchaser, resulting in increasing the ROI, conversion, and sales. 

Fashion Video Marketing: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
  • Videos catch attention 
  • It helps engages audiences 
  • It increases ROI, conversion, etc. 
  • Allows incorporating brand messages and diverse information 
  • Making videos are expensive 
  • Pre-production and post-production take a lot of time 


10 Video Marketing Ways to Promote Your Kidswear Fashion Brand 

To launch and reap the benefits of video marketing, you need to have a clear goal for the process. 

What do you want to gain at the end? Once you have finalized that, proceed with the ways to promote your video marketing online. 

1. Know Your Target Audience  

When your products are kidswear, your target audience is the parents. So, you have to spark their interest that your products offer the well-being of children. 

This is where your promotion comes in, one of which form is video. As you are trying to engage the parents, you have to consider their location, lifestyle, income, etc. 

The more observant you are about your target audience, the easier it’ll be for you to develop your video marketing campaign strategy to reach them.

2. Have a Meticulous Plan 

Starting online video marketing requires thorough planning from the get-go. There is a lot to think about, right? 

So, merging all your thoughts, follow these factors while planning to create your videos. 

Have an Authentic Approach 

Your intention should focus on and touch people from the core. You can create professional videos for your kidswear products, but what you need to do is to convince your target audience. In that case, make sure to have amateurish videos as well or draw a certain scenario that relates to real life. 

Set Your Priorities Right 

As you already saw, there are variations in videos. Such as: 

  • Product Video 
  • Explainer Video 
  • Tutorial Video 
  • Presentation Video
  • Live Streaming 
  • Education Video 
  • Testimonial Video 
  • Training Video & more. 

Before you get started, it’s better to find your reasonings and make videos that align with your purpose. 

Make First Seconds Count 

Videos that deliver a clear message within the first few seconds have a higher chance of success. According to statistics by Facebook and Nielsen, in a video campaign, 47% of videos delivered value in the first 3 seconds, and 74% did that in the first 10 seconds. 

Personalize Your Viewers 

Address your audience directly. Rather than making them feel like you sell this, try to convince them it is what they need. Being personalized is what nobody can overlook. Read why you should Invest in videos too early in your ecommerce business

Optimize for SEO 

Optimize your videos for search engines. Pay heed that the videos have correct meta tags, alter tags, descriptions, etc. SEO-optimized videos positively contribute to reaching the audience. 

3. Build Your Youtube Channel 

Youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms.  By opting for YouTube, you can gain a good amount of viewers and generate conversions. 

So, when you are creating videos for YouTube platforms, make focusing on the thumbnail should be the first priority as it is the component that makes people click or leave your videos. 

4. Keep the Video Length Short 

If your videos are for social media, avoid making your videos too long. 

The best length for social media videos is less than one minute. So, your videos for promotional purposes will get good responses if they are within minutes. 

Here is a list from Hootsuite of how long your videos should be based on different platforms: 


Social Platforms Time Duration 
Facebook Less than 1 minute
Instagram Video: 1-minute 
Stories: 15 seconds 
Reels: 15-60 seconds 
TikTok  7 – 15 seconds 
YouTube  2 minutes
Twitter 44 seconds
LinkedIn Maximum 30 seconds
Snapchat 7 seconds
Pinterest 6 – 15 seconds 


5. Use a Call to Action  

When you are using video for your fashion brand, you clearly have a goal. To succeed in that goal, make sure to have an action for users to take. 

We are talking about the inclusion of the CTA button. 

CTA placement is vital to direct customers to the action you want them to. 

Not including CTA will make videos more like entertainment videos. 

So, ensure that your goal is conspicuous enough for the viewers and is understandable through the CTA. 

6. Use Closed Captions 

Closed captions are a type of text that synchronizes with time and appears on a video, supplementing the audio. 

This is a useful method for making the videos accessible to viewers having a hard time hearing. 

Including closed captions will capture & engage an audience and make the information delivered on your videos transparent. 

7. Go Live When Needed 

Nowadays, many fashion product sellers are using live streaming. It is effective for direct interacting and selling products to customers. 

Being a real-time video, this method has gained popularity with the viewers, as the sellers offer a lot of gifts and discounts, increasing the chance of selling more. 

With live events, you can promote the brand and sell products, see the analytics, compare data, and, most importantly, directly communicate with the prospects.  

8. Work with Fashion Influencers 

Influencer collaboration is a great way to connect more relevant viewers to your videos. Fashion influencers have a satisfactory fanbase, and if you can benefit from that you can gain more relevant clients. 

So, first, figure out which influencer will be the right fit for your target audience because aligning with your business needs is important for attracting the target audience. 

Then reach out privately with your needs and share the relevant information that could benefit not only you but also them. 

9. Integrate Your Videos on Relevant Platforms 

As you are promoting your kids wear fashion products through videos, consider the platform to publish videos worth. And each platform has its own specific set of requirements. Also read 3 styles of Haul Videos for Ecommerce Marketing

So, if you have chosen your platform, make sure to stick to the requirements to avoid the risk of getting taken down. 

Run Video Campaigns on Social Platforms

Video marketing on social media has proven to be an effective way to generate leads. So, as you have your videos prepared, make sure to run social media campaigns from time to time, as those are the platform with the most engagement and traffic. 

Make sure to activate the share button and ask people to share the videos; this way, you open the door to reaching customers beyond your range. 

10. Invest in Your Brand Website 

With your video marketing, you will drive traffic, and you need to make their land somewhere. This is where your fashion ecommerce website steps in. 

So, pay complete attention to upgrading, updating, and furnishing your fashion website. Because people leave websites that are: 

  • Outdated designs 
  • Cluttered element placements 
  • Excess loading time 
  • Unclear navigation etc.  

So, make sure your website is SEO Optimized, informative, and glues clients to scroll more. 

Final Verdict 

So, have you found your way of working through video marketing? 

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