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How we used Influencer Marketing to Increase Traffic of a Fashion Marketplace by more than 600%?

When Ifchic contacted us for help, their biggest problem was low engagement and low traffic. It was easy to spot the potential in the brand because of their amazing curation of designers and storytelling. The highlight of the brand was a shopping event that they had on their website on 24th of each month.

Ifchic was using gamification to encourage their target audience to spend more time on their website and they were rewarding them for it. The idea was straightforward and lot of fun for end-users. When browsing a website and their products, a user would suddenly see a $2 coin pop and they could collect that coin by clicking on it and registering on the website.

A user could collect up to 3 coins in a day, which means they could collect up to $6 every day if they spent enough time on the website. A user could collect up to $180 per month and they could use those coins for free or discounted shopping on 24th of each month.

Their biggest problem was that users were not engaging with the campaign as they expected. Users were not collecting coins – they would give up after few days of collecting them and they wouldn’t not turn-up on the 24th to spend the collected coins. That’s where we came into the picture and started working with Ifchic to amplify the engagement of their gamification campaign.


How did we do it?

After looking at the website stats and gathering intelligence from the client, we figured out that the two biggest reasons why visitors didn’t engage with ifchic24 was because they couldn’t understand the campaign very well and secondly they didn’t trust the brand enough because they were still a new brand.  So, we decided to work with Influencers within their target demographics and then to engage with the event and share their story and experiences with their audience.

Since we wanted the storytelling to be visual, we used Instagram & Youtube as the core channels for engagement. We established the criteria to shortlist Youtube and Instagram influencers with the client and started researching the right Influencers. We contacted the target influencers with bloggers kit to decrease back and forth communication and signed them up to engage with the event in exchange of shopping coins.


We worked with many Fashion Vloggers / Youtubers with more than half a million followers. Many Youtube event features got millions of views and as a result, the IFCHIC got hundreds of event sign-ups within hours of each of these videos going live. The referral, direct traffic to the website increased by more than 600% and so did organic traffic – thanks to all the backlinks from these bloggers [example] when sharing their IFCHIC story. We also generated tons of user-generated content that we later used to fuel the brand’s online marketing.

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