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Being an ecommerce design & development studio, we work with online fashion retailers helping them build their ecommerce stores. While we own & manage the entire project, we have seen how business owners play a vital role in deciding how their ecommerce website lands-up.  For example, if they don’t invest in their brand’s identity, the website always lacks on the aesthetic front. Similarly, if a client asks for a change request after the website is designed (it’s in the production/programming phase), it leads to avoidable time and cost overshoot. And there are dozens of ways how they can go wrong due to lack of exposure and experience in a web development project.

To be fair to a client, especially when they are entering such a project for the first time, it’s difficult for them. They hire an agency to build their ecommerce website when they have least knowledge and experience about their business. This knowledge and experience gap becomes overwhelming and often fatal for many ecommerce business owners. They run into problems, such as:

  • Hiring mistakes – They hire wrong agencies to build their website.
  • Technology mistakes – they use wrong technology to build their website.
  • Inaccurate requirements – they invest in ecommerce features they don’t need.
  • Expensive changes – they pivot and alter requirements when they should be sticking to the plan (and vice versa)
  • Inaccurate output – when they see the final website, they feel it’s not what they wanted.
  • Project delays – the website development delays by weeks or months.
  • Their marketing suffers – you invest in website features they don’t need

Our objective behind writing this manual was to create a resource that we could share with our clients so that they make fewer mistakes. We were hoping that this resource will help our clients who either don’t have previous experience in building a website and also provide them actionable information to help them manage their website development project more efficiently. We wanted to empower our clients with actionable information about ecommerce website development that they can use to work with an agency like us more efficiently and make fewer costly mistakes.

But as we shared this document with our clients, we started getting positive feedback from them. They found it actually useful. It helped them get a snapshot of what’s important and what they can leave for phase 2. This information enabled them to strategically focus their energy, time and budget on things that matter more. So we decided to make this information public in the form of this eBook, so that more and more retailers can benefit from it and work with their agency more efficiently.

Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is for you if you are about to venture into ecommerce and are screening ecommerce development agencies to build your first online store. This eBook is for you if you are feeling nervous about your start and want to better equip yourself with the knowledge and context to build the kind of ecommerce website you really want. This eBook is for owners of lean startups, who want to start small and make fewer mistakes. Doesn’t matter if you decide to hire a bunch of freelancers, or work with an agency or even do it on your own, you will find many actionable tips in this eBook that will save you time & money. You won’t waste time on building things that don’t matter and you don’t even need. It can help you save few hundred to few thousand dollars on your website’s development.

Furthermore, this eBook will help you develop a better vision to identify the non-essentials of website development and focus on the features and areas of your website which will give you the actual return on investment. The time you spend in reading this eBook will help you focus on the big-picture ideas and philosophies that will help you thrive in your business.


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