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Readers’ Spotlight: Linia21’s Tree for Free Campaign

While some companies are busy building e-commerce websites where they can sell their stuff, there are also some companies that are building online brands. They are using their creativity, commitment and understanding of trends to build new market for their brand in various big and small ways.

Below is the story, straight from one of our readers just like you – Bogdan Voinescu, who used Influencer Marketing, Facebook & Eco Activism to generate buzz for his brand on Social Media. He and his team ran a ‘Tree for free campaign’ to promote their brand –

Lini21 is a small opinionated travel accessory online retailer in Romania. When Bogdan shared this story with me, I got really excited and couldn’t help but share his story with you because I know that It takes courage and commitment to run a campaign like this one. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.


Hello ILFR!

I didn’t write to you for a while, though a lot of things happened. One month ago we had an idea: to give each customer a tree as a gift. It sounds weird, but it makes a lot of sense. In recent years, in Romania, it became trendy to be eco-activist and to fight authorities who don’t facilitate transport by bike. If you are between 18 and 35 years old, with an university degree, it’s impossible not to have participated at least once at a public meeting to support these two causes. Hence the tree. Buy a bag and we’ll plant a tree for you. If the idea is good, then it’s really easy to make people write about you.

Two of the major online magazines similar to TimeOut wrote about the campaign and one of them made a contest on their facebook page about the tree. The contest doubled our likers.

In the last day of the campaign we made a list with the influencers of this hipster group we are targeting. And we sent them a message asking if they would be happy to receive a tree as a gift. We did the same with all the customers, because we wanted to plant trees only for the persons who appreciate having a tree. After they received the photos with their trees, about 90% of them wrote a thank you message on their wall, tagging Linia 21.

It didn’t cost me much to plant 60 trees and the coverage I got was huge.

I wanted to share with you this experience, because all I do is inspired by your writings.

Thank you,

Bogdan Voinescu


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