Mark Jacobs Fashion ecommerceMark Jacobs is a name that needs no introduction in the fashion world, having spent four decades in the industry. The company is soon to go public which means he might have to start keeping quarterly earnings into account while creating his designs, which might be a challenge for the designer who is known for changing his mind with the seasons. He has had two stints in rehab after which he decided to quit drugs although he is still a smoker which he considers “decadent”. Decadence is also the name of his upcoming fragrance which he describes as an irreverent, self-indulgent taking of pleasure and luxury. Mark’s designs have always been unpredictable but he has been crystal clear about his company’s branding. He believes in giving a lot of creative space to the people he works with. Print ad have always been shot by Juergen which mostly star supermodels like Sofia, Harmony, Chloë, Posh, Dakota, Winona and so on. With 275000 followers on Instagram he is one of the few designers who is active on social media. Read full article here.