Glenfiddich teaches some very interesting lessons that can be applied in luxury market branding. Founded in 1887, Glenfiddich is a single malt Scotch distiller owned by William Grant & Sons. Initially sold as a commodity it is now viewed as a luxury product. It has changed pretty much everything about the company except the product itself, obviously, they wouldn’t change anything about the product which has sold successfully for more than 100 years.

Glenfiddich started out by creating a visual identity which is easily recognizable and consistent in assuring customers of its intact quality, despite changes in the market. Glenfiddich also changed the tones and colors on its bottle packaging, using copper along with a white name for clearer emphasis. It also studied competitors in its field and the fashion industry thoroughly, which led to connecting the brand to Scottish heritage for obvious reasons of the drink’s place of origin. It would be foolish not to attach the rich history and tradition of a company which is as old as Glenfiddich. Thus the font on the new bottles was designed after the founder’s handwriting and a signature 1963 bottle. What was missing at this stage was a hint of technology, the company launched its website last November. Customers can browse through videos, taste profiles, guides to help them differentiate between sharp and sweet whiskeys, and understanding gifting options. It has made a very personalized after sales experience for its consumers and offered options to personalize bottles. Glenfiddich is constantly striving to make the brand more premium despite obstacles in transportation, taxes, and regulation.