You might not have heard of Danielle Ribner’s brand Loup, but she intends it that way. Her motto from the very beginning was to keep an organic approach. Danielle Ribner largely draws inspiration from Parisian art, fashion and film. The designs are classic cuts with hints of vintage and contemporary. Most customers stumble upon Loup through social media platforms like Instagram. Women use #loupspiration along with their posts which are great sources of outfit and style inspiration for potential customers.

Ribner attended fashion design at Parsons, after which she worked as a design assistant at Jones Apparel Group. She learned the business side of fashion on the job after which she decided to start her own brand, but without any outside funding. “It’s ok to stay small if you’re doing it in the right way and you can grow that way.” she believes. The high-waisted, cropped, wide-leg Sabrina pants and low key tailored overalls are Loup’s current bestsellers, among other clothing which is all priced under $200. Loup tries to make clothing trendy yet wearable, it might open a brick and mortar store in the future.